Gross Questions Discussion Post: What Food Do You Eat When You Have Bugs in Your Kitchen, Should I Throw Out My New Foot Cream, How Do I Clean Blue Hair Dye Off My Bathtub?

So many questions! Warning, do not read on if you feel faint of heart! Or have a “thing” about feet.

The exterminator is coming on Friday (yaaaay!), but he is coming Friday morning, which means I should really be at my place by Thursday night. Which means two meals without using the kitchen because YUCK.

I’m thinking take out Sushi with a canned drink. Right? Sushi doesn’t have to be heated up ever, and it doesn’t have messy containers, so I can just eat it and then seal it up and throw it away. And the canned drink seems safe as well. Then Friday morning, drive through coffee drunk in the car, and Friday afternoon, ALLLLL the bugs are dead and I have my kitchen back! That’s how extermination works, right? Within hours?

Take out sushi - Review of Kyoto Japanese Restaurant, Amherst, NY -  Tripadvisor
Nice clean sushi!

Should I throw away my new foot cream? On the one hand, it cost a whole $5 and I like the lavender smell. On the other hand, this:

There’s also a sort of burny itchy feeling like my skin is trying to peel itself off because it really really hates what I have done to it.

I’ll ask another question, should I throw away the foot cream like my parents say, or burn it ceremonially to exorcise it from my life like my sister says?

And finally, hair dye! Any ideas? I am using this great conditioner dye thing, it makes my hair super soft and good smelling along with turning it blue. But now my bathtub is also blue. I feel like bleach might help, but that seems too cruel to risk doing to my feet after all they have already been through. My parents said “elbow grease” but I HATE that answer! Is there some magical cleany thing I can just gently spray on and then wipe off like in a commercial?

8 thoughts on “Gross Questions Discussion Post: What Food Do You Eat When You Have Bugs in Your Kitchen, Should I Throw Out My New Foot Cream, How Do I Clean Blue Hair Dye Off My Bathtub?

  1. Sushi and canned drink sounds great! You can also eat at your parents place Thursday evening and then head over to your place so you don’t have to eat in a bug-infested apartment!

    Oh oh, maybe on Thursday, you could put the foot cream where they bugs are and see if it burns and kills them. This way you are not wasting it. Also, the exterminators are coming the next day anyways.

    I know nothing about cleaning so I am not even going to bother to respond to your blue-dye question.


    • YES! I love this foot cream idea! At the very least, it should make the bugs jump around going “owey-ow-ow, our feet hurt so much”.

      I’m already spending an extra night and day at my parents this week because BUGS. I think I have to force myself home on Thursday or else I will never leave.

      Maybe I just paint the bathtub and then no one can see the blue?

      On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 11:22 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Buy 2 lots of sushi so you can have one for breakfast on Friday.

    Bathtub – can you get gel bleach? Squirt it around the tub so it dribbles down over the blue, moosh it around with a cleaning cloth/sponge/whatever. Then eventually rinse it away. It will be stinky but it should work.

    Or the elbow grease way using bicarbonate of soda. Or citrus oil might work.

    Foot cream – maybe stop using it or mix it with another plain cream to dilute it (and not waste it).

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    • Sushi? For breakfast? I don’t know. But two lots so I can have one for dinner and one for snack, yes!

      I like gel bleach! Yes! Let’s do that! No elbow grease.

      I think the amount of plain cream I would need to mix with toxic cream to make it not toxic would then lead to my wasting the plain cream. Maybe FilmiKudhi’s idea of trying to kill ants with toxic foot cream was the best.

      On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 1:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Buying two sushi’s so one is there for breakfast (or lunch) is a great idea! The bugs can’t get into the sushi plastic container right?

    Foot cream, I’m fond of the burning idea except I know the practicalities of burning plastic covered wet stuff is complex, thus a toss into an outdoor dumpster with a vitriolic composition sounds better.

    Bathtub – shockingly the most effective bathtub cleaner I know is baking soda and vinegar. First sprinkle with baking soda, then dip sponge into bowl of vinegar, scrub and repeat. Sometimes letting it sit in the baking soda and vinegar a while before scrubbing works. I swear it is better than comet or any other store bought cleanser, however, it is stinky and three steps instead of two. That said, I’m lazy and don’t mind blue bathtubs.


    • Exactly! Bugs can’t get in, and the container is nice and tidy so I can put it in a plastic bag and throw it away individually when I am done, no mess to risk leaving in the kitchen garbage.

      I like your “hurl in dumpster with shouting” idea. I could throw it in along with dog poop while on an Albie Walk! That’s as good as burning.

      My goodness, that sounds like a lot of work. I may just prefer to live with a blue bath tub. I have already had a bath in it, and I did not turn blue, so it’s not THAT bad.

      On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 3:00 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Did you mention that the extirminators are doing the WHOLE BUILDING? I hope so, and three times a year after that. Hate to burst your happy bugless bubble, but that’s the only way to keep them out forever.


    • Well, the landlord is the one who hired them, and the company seemed very familiar with the building. So I am hopeful.

      Really what I am hopeful for is that the empty units will get tenants. The exterminator also told me that when they emptied out, probably all the bugs headed my way because I still had warmth and food. So once new suckers move in, I am hoping the bug flow will reverse down to their units. HA!

      On Wed, Feb 24, 2021 at 5:23 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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