Important Disney Question! Is Your Favorite Mickey, Donald, or Goofy?

All men! Because we all know that a) Cartoon people are very close to being genderless; and b) female cartoons are super boring.

I’m a Donald person myself. Emotional, out of control, impulsive, I really respond to that. No really, I do. I come across as a very calm reasonable balanced person as an adult because I had to overcome MASSIVE TANTRUM WEIRD EMOTIONS as a child. Donald spoke to me. Donald Duck (Mad) 30x40 cm Framed Print: Posters & Prints
This was me at age 3

I think when we were kids, my sister liked Mickey. Because he did everything Right. He was a good person and the leader and so on and so forth. Unlike out of control Donald.

Mickey Mouse - Wikipedia

My Dad likes Goofy. Because he’s GOOFY! And more specifically, he tries to put on his pants after he has already put on his skiis. How can you not like someone like that?

The Art of Skiing - Wikipedia

Which do you like/did you like best? How about the rest of your family and friends?

(in case you were wondering, my Mom likes Mighty Mouse because her family was WEIRD and she always has to pick WEIRD things and this is why we had gross grainy bread while all our friends had soft nice white bread, and homemade Halloween costumes instead of storebought, and she does things like putting poems in her New Years cards instead of photos like NORMAL people (in case it’s unclear, I have grown to appreciate my Mom’s weirdness, but still, Mighty Mouse?))

Also, in case this was going through your head:

18 thoughts on “Important Disney Question! Is Your Favorite Mickey, Donald, or Goofy?

  1. I would choose mighty mouse too! There was a pizza parlor my family went to when I was younger and they had a giant movie screen and they were always playing old cartoons including MIGHTY MOUSE! So I have warm feelings for that mouse, whereas I didn’t really grow up watching micky and donald and goofy cartoons. Sure I might see a short before a kids movie or something, but they weren’t on regular television (I’m so old!), and as I remember when we got our first Betamax player I was not a young child in the era of every family owning a ton of VHS tapes (DVDs now, or course my family has both).

    However, one of my best friends in High School, with whom I am still close, LOVES Donald, so of the three he is probably my favorite as well.


    • When I was a little kid in the late 80s, VHS had just become common. And there were a couple of Disney cartoon collections that we rented and watched again and again and again. Mostly me and my sister and my Dad on nights when my Mom was out, which is probably why all three of us had such clear defined tastes.

      Also, I didn’t even know anyone besides my Mom knew about Mighty Mouse! For a while I kind of suspected she had made him up.

      Do your kids have Disney favorites, or is it passe now and they all talk about Pokemon?

      On Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 7:32 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • It is passe in my family. Perhaps because Disney Plus only recently existed and at first we didn’t have it? (Now we steal it from my parents). The 9 year old became obsessed with Pokemon cards at age 7. After getting some for Christmas ($50 worth!) we still didn’t have enough to actually play, so a pokemon obsessed almost sister-in-law gifted the boys large sets and taught everyone how to play when he was 8. And then the now 12-year-old got really into it, and won every time (he always wins, at everything). And honestly it was above the then 8 year old’s level so he kinda gave up on it. But during that period they watched Pokemon, but they dont’ so much now. However I still play pokemon with the 12 year old at least once a week. The game is actually killer, but whoever has the better deck wins.

        With streaming there are so many options. Right now the 6 year old loves Henry Danger. The 9 year old loves Bear Grylls (the dude who has drunk his own pee to “survive” on TV). and the 12 year old loves some Japanese cartoon his friend got him into. It could all change in a month. Though certain things, like Wild Kratts and Odd Squad and Garfield and The Simpsons have been so loved for so long that they will always be remembered.


        • I guess I was just at the right VHS time. Established enough that they were easy to rent, but still new enough that Disney was throwing out random collections of short cartoons without charging a million dollars or making them really hard to get.

          Pokemon is a game???? Who knew! It was the thing that kids a little bit younger than me were into and I never fully understood.

          Am I seeing right that Odd Squad and Wild Kratts are PBS things? And I guess they’ve been around at least 12 years? I need to watch more morning/daytime PBS! Catch up on the modern world.

          On Thu, Feb 25, 2021 at 8:34 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I think you’re onto something with your mother-of-sons theory.

            There are TOO MANY shows for kids now on TOO MANY platforms. It isn’t like it was, a family with only Amazon Prime will not be watching the shows as someone with only Netflix who will then not be watching the same shows as someone with cable.

            You can’t catch up or keep track. Because kids talk to each other within a class or school you may find that certain shows can create a common conversation topic among children, but that does not necessarily stretch to other communities. But PBS shows might because they are spread across all platforms and seen for free on their website. Odd Squad is only loved by the six year old, and has taught him some math, but is mostly funny, but Wild Kratts has been around since the oldest was in preschool. Wild Kratts is FANTASTIC!

            If other mothers of sons read this, show your kids GOOD BURGER. It is a comedy from 1997, but is for kids so missed it as a college student. The boys LOVE IT! It’s on Netflix.

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        • My son always beat me in Pokemon game! Probably because I put in my deck only pokemons I like and which don’t need many energy cards, and he thinks more about strategy and wining.

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          • Isn’t your son still tiny? How does he handle the complexities of a strategy game?

            On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 2:15 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • WOW!!!! How long have you been commenting on this blog? I have to admit, your kids (you, Emily, Genevieve, etc.) kind of lock themselves in my head at the age they were when you started commenting. I am still picturing your son as 5-6. I have barely managed to move Emily’s kids up from 4-6 to more like 7-9, but it is VERY VERY HARD. And Eva’s little boy is going to be always a baby in my head.

            Also, have we talked about the mother-of-sons thing before? I ran into it when I was doing my Masters Thesis research, the people most active in online communities around Indian film tended to be either young single women or older. And my theory was that if you live with a family (teenagers, or parents) you have a built in community and the online film discussion community is less important. The corollary to that being, if you are the mother of sons, you may not have the same kind of swoony “Shahrukh is so hot! that sari is so pretty!” community within your home that the mother of daughters might.

            On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 7:57 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. DONALD ALL DUCK THE WAY! The everyman and a flawed one at that, compared to Mickey. Also, just very popular here in Finland in every way from his own comic books and monthly comic “books” as well as Don Rosa’s epic expansion of the Scrooge McDuck universe, which I love. Funnily, my Mom is more of a Mickey person.


    • Yes! Donald isn’t a bad person, he’s just a flawed person. He has to actually work at being good, unlike Mickey who is just effortlessly perfect.

      On Fri, Feb 26, 2021 at 1:42 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. I guess I also wasn’t subjected to Disney enough during my formative years. The mouse that makes me nostalgic is this one, from the short filler cartoons from the one children’s show we did watch:

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