Life Update! My Eyeballs Feel Better!

In case you are interested, I’m gonna tell you all the things I did while I wasn’t looking at a computer screen. And tell them very quickly before my eyes start hurting again.

I spent the whole morning running a bunch of fun interesting errands, and then I came home and had a long nap/eyes closed while listening to Poirot radio plays, and did a puzzle. And took a headache pill. And my eyes are almost okay again, but MAN! I gotta get new glasses!

Anyway, errands! So fun! I had a list of 5 things I absolutely had to do (air in my tires so that irritating light stops going off, get coffee, get my laundry, get Albie Dog’s birthday cakes, get my new puzzle). And then I was having SO much fun, I ended up adding on two more things.


(I should say, my parents and Grandpa have all been vaccinated now. That’s kind of the hidden meaning to this weekend, I am finally FREE!!! The only person I have to worry about is my worthless youthful self!!!! So I FINALLY get to do all kinds of fun minor in person things I have been putting off under the pressure of “is this important enough to risk KILLING YOUR MOTHER?”.)

I got air in my tires first, and I think they tried to send me away without taking my money, but I was having none of that. So I went into the office and waited until someone came out who would take my $5 to pay for topping off my air. And then I went to get my wash and fold laundry, and waited inside in line instead of in the cold outside. And then I went to get my curbside coffee and breakfast and ate it while listening to Poirot in the car (A Tragedy in Three Acts, SO GOOD!). And then I realized Albie’s cake shop wouldn’t be open for over an hour yet so I might as well go home and drop off my clean laundry, so I did that. And when I came in, I saw my little reminder card about getting my emissions test and new license sticker. So I went off and did that, and the emissions testing center continues to be the Happiest Place on Earth. No really! It must be the greatest job of all time, every time I go there the staffers are so happy they are practically skipping. Finished there, then went to the Albie Dog birthday cake store. Waited 15 minutes for them to open, then went in with 8 other customers!!!! The demand for dog birthday cakes must be just ENORMOUS!!!! Anyway, got them, then headed off for curbside pick up at my puzzle store.

Illinois Emissions Testing - 2018 Schedule & Holidays |
Happiest place on earth! Or else everyone is high on CO poisoning from working in a garage

At that point, I had finished all my “must do” errands, plus the emissions test. But I was having so much fun going into enclosed spaces and talking to strangers, I just kept going! Next step, storefront jewelry store to take my ring in to be repaired as I was planning to do a year ago pre-quarantine and have been putting off until my parents were vaccinated (new ring I got for Christmas last year, pretty but cheap, and I wanted it tightened). And then right across the street was a hair salon, which seemed like a sign. So I called around and found a place with an open appointment and drove over and got my bangs trimmed (FINALLY). And after all of that, I came home.

Tilly's Jewelry | Tillys Set Of 3 Adjustable Rings | Poshmark
It’s this kind of ring, where you can adjust the size. They said they can just solder the proper size in place, which is GREAT.

So, just a WONDERFUL day!!!! Only downside was, I used up all my fun errands so I have nothing to do next weekend but pick up my ring. Oooo, and maybe get my eyes checked! That would be sooooooooooooo fun. I could go to a MALL!!!!

10 thoughts on “Life Update! My Eyeballs Feel Better!

  1. I love that slowly but steadily people around me are getting vaccinated so I don’t need to worry about them all the time. My parents, my aunt, the elderly neighbor across the street whose daughter, son-in-law, and granddaughter we used to hang out with all the time. That’s an amazing day of almost normal weekend adventures. Happy for you and your parents.


    • I’m happy for me too! And my oldest movie watching friend works at Target and is getting vaccinated any day now so we can hang out together again FINALLY!!! In person movie nights! It’s like a DREAM!!!

      On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 6:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I’m very particular about who trims my hair, I’ve been going to the same salon and hairdresser for years lol.
    Your very brave to just go anywhere, I’d be too scarred just in case they mucked it up.
    I hate to say it but I’m extremely vein when it comes to my hair.


    • I was a little scared, but then I figured, it’s just a bang trim. If it’s bad, I can either wait 6 weeks and go again, or even go somewhere else and get them trimmed just a little shorter but in better shape.

      On Sun, Feb 28, 2021 at 9:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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