DCIB Book Club Reminder/Announcement: Ranson’s Folly in TWO WEEKS (March 14), Emily of Deep Valley in ONE WEEK (March 7)

Time is confusing, isn’t it? But I think I have a solution. I can give us 2 weeks to read each book, if I announce 2 weeks in advance. Right? That’s how time works? BUT! I can have a book every week so long as I keep leapfrogging the announcements. Everything I pick is going to be super fast and light, but I still want to give 2 weeks so you have time to track down a physical copy if you want, or wait to read it until you are in the mood, or whatever.

Ranson’s Folly!!!! It’s either a very short (less than 100 pages) novel, or a very long short story, however you think of it. It’s a Richard Harding Davis short story. Richard Harding Davis was a Super Super Big Deal 100 years ago. And then very quickly he went out of fashion.

Richard Harding Davis - Wikipedia
He was also very handsome

But I like him! He is super romantic in a boy-y kind of way. Lots of stuff about Bromance and Accomplishing Great Things and Playing the Game, along with stuff about falling in love and defending a woman’s honor and all kinds of things like that. And Ranson’s Folly is a super light fun adventure/love story with three great central characters (hero, heroine, heroine’s father) that I want your help to recast in Indian film.

Since he is out of fashion, he is also out of print. Here is where you can get a free digital copy to read on kindle or phone or computer:


And here is a link to where you can buy a special on demand printing through a site that supports bookstores:


Next Sunday, we are scheduled to talk about Emily of Deep Valley. Which you will enjoy if you like intelligent woman who sometimes feel out of place at parties, but love being intellectually challenged and learning new things. Read it! It’s GREAT! That’s Next Sunday, March 7.

Sunday after next, March 14, we talk Ranson’s Folly! Embrace the adventure romance cowboy story of it all! And the heroine of that book, come to think of it, is ALSO an intelligent woman who sometimes feels out of place at parties!


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