Albie Dog Birthday Report Part 2! CAKE!!!!

I was going to give him cake later in the evening as a post-dinner dessert, like we usually do it for the Humans. And then I realized that would throw off his walk schedule, so I gave it to him with dinner. Anyway, he LOVED his cakes!

Cake! I got him two little doggie cakes (peanut butter and honey mixed with rice to stick them together, with colored rendered fat for frosting), because it was his second adoptaversary so he should have TWO.

And then we put them on a plate and held them up while we held him so he could sniff and see if he liked them and I could get a good photo.

And then I put one of them on the floor (decided 2 might be too much one top of dinner, he can have the other one tomorrow night).

And then I put the dog on the floor to sniff it.

And then there was a blurr dashing past us with a cake in his mouth making for the safety of the couch.

And then there was half a cake on the couch, and then a quarter of a cake, and then crumbs, and then no cake at all very very quickly.

So over all, a successful party!!!! And he will get a second party if his gifts that are held up in shipping EVER arrive!


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