Indoo Ki Jawani Review: A Stage Farce as a Movie

Well, this was harmless. A little dull, occasionally fun, mostly harmless. Just felt kind of light in the end, would have made more sense as a farce play.

Kiara Advani is a delight! She plays kind of a fun funny silly heroine role here, and she doesn’t always hit her monologues in the best most funny way. But she has such an incredible spark to her onscreen that it doesn’t matter. You can believe her as the funny happy popular girl in the neighborhood, and forgive a lot of her stupidity. Aditya Seal is fine. More comfortable performing than Kiara, does better with his more complicated dialogue. But doesn’t leap off the screen as much as she does. Mallika Dua is fun, the rest of the cast is generally okay, but it’s really Kiara’s movie.

Kiara Advani Drops A New Poster Of Indoo Ki Jawani - Social News XYZ

The movie has a few kind of cute touches, like onscreen graphics that pop-up (stolen/inspired from Scott Pilgrim). And the basic plot is harmless, a little original. Mostly the issue is that there just isn’t enough there-there. It feels like the first half of a story and then we never get to the real meat of it. It would have been a great pilot for a TV show, or a fun little college play production. But as a movie, there just isn’t a lot there. And thus, there isn’t gonna be much to my review either.


Kiara Advani is a peppy young girl in a neighborhood who is debating whether to have sex with her boyfriend. She finally decides to do it, only to discover him with another girl. Her best friend Mallika Dua suggests that she should just have a one night stand while her parents are out of town, get sex out of the way, and maybe the one night stand will turn into something more because he will be captured by the sex. Aditya Seal shows up as the one night stand person and they have cute cute conversation, she tries to “seduce” him, and then explains that she wants to get back at her ex-boyfriend, they watch Kashmir Ki Kali, it’s CUTE. And then she learns he is Pakistani, in town to visit relatives, and is HORRIFIED. They start fighting about who has the better cricket team and stuff like that. In the middle of it, the delivery man arrives with their dinner and gets drawn into their argument. They are all trapped inside because Kiara won’t let them leave until there are no neighbors walking by to see. Finally Aditya gets out, only to discover the dead body of the delivery man and realize Kiara is at home alone with a killer! He rushes back to save her, and she ends up saving him in turn when he starts fighting with the killer. And then the police arrive, they have been hunting a terrorist on the run. It ends with Kiara and Aditya alone at home together again, and who knows what happens next?

I kept getting distracted during this movie, looking at my phone and stuff, and then it would have spurts of interest and fun. I think the parts that work are the ones that embrace the slamming door farce aspect. If you strip this down, it is about two strangers trapped in a house together (because he can’t leave without the neighbors seeing), and various misunderstandings and so on between them. When it’s just Kiara and Aditya being farcical in the house, and then having random other people arrive to join in the farce, that’s fun. But the whole part to set it up where Kiara finds her boyfriend cheating and so on draaaaaaaaaaaags. And the intercut parts of the police hunting for the terrorist draaaaaaaaaaaaag too.

If this were a short play, that starts with Kiara talking on the phone to her friend and explaining that she is ready for the one night stand to show her ex-boyfriend up, and then Aditya arrives, and everything happens in a little over an hour all on one set, it would be kind of fun!!! But the movie tries to somehow make what should be really a sort fun sequence within a larger film into a whole movie. Or what should be a fun little youtube video into a full movie. However you think about it, there’s just not enough there THERE.

But it’s harmless, it’s pleasant, it’s a nice time pass.

10 thoughts on “Indoo Ki Jawani Review: A Stage Farce as a Movie

  1. Also I will say that the movie captured well that creepy shocking realization that your neighbors and friends dads want to have sex with you. I think some young women are spared this knowledge, but some aren’t, and this movie captured that ick feeling well.


    • Yes! I was watching it virtually with friends, and one of them mentioned something about how our heroine is supposed to be irresistable. And I was thinking, I don’t think she is. I think it’s more a statement about how all young pretty women are victimized and obsessed over by men.

      On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 11:38 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. AHHHH!!! I am just so happy to read a Margaret Hindi movie review that I don’t even care what movie it is!!!! Seriously! I missed this SO MUCH!!! As you and Genevieve said, it was a fine time pass. I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t funnier. I too kept being distracted/bored while watching it.

    However, I am so happy Kiara is getting to do such a variety of roles. I feel like recently, she has had the most versatility in her films. The characters she plays in Lust stories, Kabir Singh, Guilty, Good Newwwwzzz, Laxmmmiii Bomb, and Indoo Ki Jawani are nothing like each other. And they have all come out in the last 2-3 years. She is low key enough that she continues to get steady work and gets to experiment. I am happy for her!


      • HA! Yes! Oooh! If there is a good movie out, maybe we can watch one while I am there.

        One of these days, even if it is in the far far future, I am still determined to convince you to watch Guilty. I rewatched it again recently. I have been back to watching more “thinky” movies and shows again (thanks to you and Eve’s Bayou) and I think Guilty is just so good. Oh!!! Also, Bombay Begums!!! I have a date with my sister, cousin, and a few friends to discuss it and I am stupidly excited!


        • This time is getting further and further away!!!! I no longer need to limit myself to streaming Netflix films, I can watch movies at home IN PERSON with people, and in theaters. (knock on wood, don’t jinx it, etc.)

          On Thu, Mar 11, 2021 at 4:48 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I am keeping my fingers crossed for you! And yes, watching movies in person with people is so much better than by yourself!


  3. Kiara Advani is one of those people I dislike without a reason (Or maybe I have a reason because have seen Machine 😉 ). I agree with Filmikudhi that she choses different roles in different genres and it’s great but shouldn’t she be better at this point of her career?


    • I was just thinking about that. I first remember noticing her in Dhoni, and that was kind of long time ago now, wasn’t it?

      On Fri, Mar 12, 2021 at 12:33 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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