Saturday WatchAlong: Chandni! 7:30am Chicago Time!!!

Woo!!! Chandni!!! I am going to slowly wake up while watching it with y’all and letting Sridevi sweep me away.

Chandni! On Prime and Youtube!!! Super romantic super beautiful classic film! Except for the heroes, they UGLY.

I’ll put up an “and PLAY” comment at 7:30am and then y’all can comment along with me!

397 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Chandni! 7:30am Chicago Time!!!

  1. See, they just did fancy editing. We jumped from the “Rishi dying in hospital” night, to a week later when Vinod has gotten them married and is sending them off on their honeymoon.

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  2. Ahhhhh. That was nice. Now I am going back to bed. But there is a very silly Chandni related post going up in a few minutes, so enjoy that.


  3. Eh, I think the director is trying to make himself happy in his unhappy marriage by convincing himself that first love is always best. Loved all the dancing though. Thanks for the watch-a-long Margaret!


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