Anjaam Versus Chandni!

Ready for a silly post? Which suddenly came to me when I was watching Chandni with y’all this morning?

Anjaam Versus Chandni!!!

Sexy Wedding Reception Song

Crazed in love song

Cheering up crippled man song

Personally, I’ll give Chandni the wedding song and the Crazed in Love song, but cheering up a crippled man is all Madhuri.


5 thoughts on “Anjaam Versus Chandni!

      • Kinda blown away. BTW Anjaam wins on every song because SRK makes the songs that much more complicated and full. The set on their cheering up the crippled man song is strange, but still it is better because of SRK. The closest was the sexy wedding song, because Sridevi is so cute, but in Anjaam an entire story is told in a song, it is more than just a cute sexy woman, and of course that is because of SRK.


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