High Stress House 24 Hours! Distract Me By Joining Me in Non-Incest Taboo Relationships FanFic!!!!

Did you know real estate is stressful? Like, it combines money/relationships/shelter all in one thing? WHO KNEW???? Anyway, I’m in a high stress 24 hour period of my hunt (offer submitted, waiting to hear back, 50/50 chance it will work out) so I need DISTRACTION!!! Time for FanFic!

Live In Son-In-Law and new Young Daughter-in-Law Fall in Love

Picture this. We have a cynical live in son-in-law. He’s given up on life and accepted his place as a powerless status symbol for his rich wife, disrespected by everyone in the family and everyone who knows his situation as the live in son-in-law. He wanders around the house as kind of the “wise fool” type, saying the things no one else will say while everyone ignores him. And then we have the innocent young new daughter-in-law, a fresh protected young rich girl married off to an older man in order to merge two powerful families, with visions of being an “ideal” wife in an “ideal” household. At first, she disdains the son-in-law, seeing him as weak and unmanly. But as she is insulted by her husband (who continues his long term relationship with a girlfriend who does not want marriage) and her in-laws (who insult her cooking, housekeeping, clothing, everything), she comes to appreciate the cynical son-in-law who laughs at these behaviors and doesn’t let them bother him. He becomes her protector, putting himself up as a distraction when she is being abused. And she starts secretly making his life easier, making sure he has the food he wants to eat (he is non-veg but his in-laws don’t let him eat meat), and drawing out his forgotten hopes and dreams. He was a successful athlete when they married, planning out a line of training gyms as his retirement investment, he met his wife when she came in as an investor. But over the years she convinced him he had no business sense, was good for nothing but being her arm candy. After much backing and forthing, the daughter-in-law and son-in-law admit their love for each other and run off together, using her wedding jewelry (her unofficial dowry) to fund his gyms which ARE successful.

Thoughts? Notes? Comments? Casting?

Birthday special: Alia Bhatt and Abhay Deol's unrivaled performances
Somehow I am picturing Alia and Abhay, but Shraddha and Farhan would also work.

Wife Falls for her Husband’s Brother

Wife fell in love in college with her college boyfriend. He is romantic and fun and they laugh together all the time and everything seems great. They get married right away, and she meets his brother for the first time at their wedding. The brother is a proper person with a proper arranged wife and two proper children, he is withdrawn and stodgy and the husband makes fun of him a little bit. Fastforward 12 years. Wife and husband now live in America and life is hard. Husband’s dream job faded away years ago, wife is now working to support both of them, and is doing most of the work at home too. No kids either, because husband doesn’t want them. Secretly, wife starts thinking that he doesn’t want kids because he wants to keep being the kid and have her look after him. In the middle of all this, brother invites them back to India for his oldest daughter’s wedding. His proper arranged wife divorced him years ago, leaving him as a single father. The wife loses her job, fights with her husband, and spontaneously decides to take up the offer to go over early and help plan the wedding as the closest related woman in the family. Through the wedding planning, she comes to see the “boring” brother as a responsible man who cares about the people he loves, who is more similar to her than the “fun” brother she married. She even learns that the “boring” brother’s wife left him because she didn’t want to just stay home every night, to have kids, etc. It’s like she married the wrong brother and he married the wrong woman!!!! And then stuff happens, and it ends with them convincing the bride to cancel her wedding (because, like them, she is rushing into marriage too young without thinking about what she really wants), and then following up that conversation with admitting that they have grown to be perfect for each other but it can never be. Until the wife goes back home again, sees her horrible husband, and changes her mind and runs back to India to find her nice “boring” husband.

Thoughts? Notes? Casting?

Ranbir Kapoor recovers from Coronavirus
I don’t know who everyone else is, but the horrible husband is clearly Ranbir

Spouses of Couple Having an Affair Fall For Each Other

This is what I thought KANK might be! And then it wasn’t. But it would have been so great! Anyway, a “good” wife has looked the other way over and over again when her husband has affairs. He is a kind father, he pays the bills, he isn’t a “bad” husband just because he constantly cheats. Meanwhile, there is a nice man who had an arranged marriage with a glamorous woman. He knows it was arranged, he knows he wouldn’t have been her choice, he knows she is out of his league. And so he understands when she has flirtations, and maybe more, with the men she meets at work. It would break his mother’s heart to end the marriage, so he just lives with it and makes his own small life. And then on a cruise, the two cheating spouses meet and spark and start an affair. At the group events, they are constantly sneaking off together, leaving their spouses alone. Because he is a decent guy, the good husband starts helping the good wife with her kids and they have conversations and slowly get close. And start an emotional affair. They never even kiss (although there is lots of sparks with just holding hands while helping in and out of a car), and then on the last day of the cruise he writes her a super romantic letter confessing that he will always love her even if they can never be together. Her husband finds the letter and is SUPER hypocritical about it, then tells the bad wife and she is also SUPER hypocritical and yells at her husband. After much angst and drama, they finally decide that they have a right to be happy, and leave their spouses and get together.

Thoughts? Comments? Too Creepy?

Did you know Sanjeev Kumar did Silsila for Jaya Bachchan? Details Inside -  IBTimes India
Jaya and Sanjeev get together in Silsila. It’s the ending we deserve

Father Falls for the Bride he is Arranging for His Son

A man married young to a slightly older woman, and she died giving birth to his child (like, he is 21 and she was 28). He has been a dedicated father his son’s whole life. And now his son has reached out and said that before he takes his overseas job after graduating, he wants a wife. And he trusts his father to find him the perfect wife, just as his father has always made the best decisions for him. The father is uncomfortable with this whole thing, but if it is what his son wants, he will do his best. Because of how his marriage was, he thinks an older woman would be best. Someone more settled in life, maybe someone who has been living overseas for a few years and can help his son understand how to survive. So he starts interviewing women from a matrimonial site. He hits it off right away with the first woman he meets, and she is very interested in him as well, but says she is worried about the “age”, which is when after a little double-talk it comes out that she thinks HE is the potential groom, not his son. But she is still interested when she learns he is meeting her for his son. She and the son start talking on the phone, and she and the father start planning the wedding. But there are all these awkward moments, they just get along so well, and laugh all the time, and are so happy. It’s strange and wrong, but they can’t deny it. The father backs off of course, because it is wrong, and she is confused and unhappy. Luckily, the son arrives and sees them together and understands. And surprises his father on the wedding day by forcing him to be the groom instead, explaining that this time it is the son who is arranging the marriage of the father.

Thoughts? Comments? SRK-Anushka?

Anushka Sharma says she used to be 'too scared' to talk to Shah Rukh Khan |  Hindustan Times

Woman Falls for Man 20 Years Younger Than Her

No taboo relationship, she isn’t his aunt or anything, they just have a MASSIVE age gap. Young man starting out in the city befriends a woman who lives in the house next door. She’s a “spinster”, works in an office, never married. The young man is talented and sexy with a bright future. But he gets locked out of his apartment one night and ends up having to spend the night waiting for a locksmith at the house next door. They spend the whole night talking, lipsyncing to old songs, she teaches him the dance routines she learned from the movies of her youth and he teaches her new dances, they just have an amazing time. And then again and again, he finds himself turning down nights out with friends because he would rather go next door and be with her. His casual girlfriend dumps him because she says this whole thing is just “weird”. Finally, he confesses his feelings to her and she is shocked. But, after much begging on his part, agrees to a secret only sexual relationship. She has never even been kissed, she thinks there is nothing wrong with experiencing that part of life while still leaving him free to marry someone he “should” marry later. Their bond grows tighter and tighter, the sex is amazing, and just hanging out together is just as good. But then they start fighting because he wants to take her out in public, to go dancing with him, or just have a dinner date, and she is embarrassed. They finally do go out, and people at a club make fun of her, he gets into a fight, she runs out, and then says they have to end it, this is ruining his future, he needs to forget her. And then something happens, I’m not sure, but we get to a happy ending SOMEHOW.

Thoughts? Comments? Ending? Casting?

Bombay Talkies: Watch Rani Mukerji romance Randeep and Saqib
Like this, but if he wasn’t gay and she wasn’t married

Okay, work with me here! Give me more thoughts to think! Critiques! New spins! New ideas! Casting Commentary! It’s the one thing guaranteed to distract me from House Stress!!!!!

17 thoughts on “High Stress House 24 Hours! Distract Me By Joining Me in Non-Incest Taboo Relationships FanFic!!!!

  1. Father falls for the bride he is arranging for his son makes me think of K3G and that kinda creepy way the dad picks a daughter in law he wants to look at. And the older woman younger man makes me think of Akshaye and the alcoholic older woman movie, which didn’t end well. But actually I know a 15 year gap older woman younger man couple, and they are happily married with children. He makes wine in Australia, though it is true most couples I know have 10 years or less of an age gap.


    • I think a 15 year age gap would be just right! She is 40, he is 25. He is just starting out in life with the world before him, she has been stagnating alone in the family home, at the same boring job, for years.

      On Sat, Mar 27, 2021 at 10:07 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I was thinking about Abhay-Alia story and it would also work very well if he was Alia’s husband’s (let’s call him Aarav) best friend. A very close one, who has been living next door all his life. Let’s say he had something embarassing in his past; the girl left him at altar or better – he was married but the girl escaped with other man! Now he is hanging there, everybody feels sorry for him. He advices Aarav not to marry if he still thinks about his ex-girlfriend, but he doesn’t listen. With time Abhay and Alia (always alone because her husband works, or does something else till late) become friends and later fall in love. And now DILLEMA – Alia is ready to elope but Abhay can’t because he knows how it feels and how the life is for an abandoned person. In the end Aarav finds out and is happy to give Alia divorce, or escapes with his girlfriend or says he is gay, I’m not sure.


    • Yeah, that works! Really what I want to get at is the dynamic where the husband is an “adult” who has to go to work and stuff because that’s part of being married, and meanwhile the boyish brother/brother-in-law/friend is given the job of entertaining the lonely young wife. But what if the lonely young wife and the boyish friend end up falling in love?


      • Yeah, and what if the boyish friend really is the serious one? Oh, there is kannada movie I love Mr & Mrs Ramachari. The protagonist is the “bad” son – not good at school, rebelious etc. His brother on the contrary is very obedient, he does everything their father says. The parents love him. But one day he disappears, leaving the arranged rishta and embarassing his family, because he had enough. In fact he couldn’t stand his parents and doesn’t want to see them again. With time the father learns that the rebelious son is the one who loved him always, and the one who always said “yes” hated him inside. This film is the best because apart of the family story it has a great love story also. And the protagonists later in real life married and have two little kids together.


        • Yes! The lesson is “he’s not ready to be a husband” versus her husband who has a good job and stuff. But then we see that being a husband means making her life and cheering her up and taking her out and stuff more than working 12 hours a day at the office to support the family.

          On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 8:28 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. “Spouses of Couple Having an Affair Fall For Each Other”

    Why do you think it’s too creepy? I like it. They deserve love. And the letter reminds me “Persuasion”.


  4. Oh man, I am in love with all of these! Why aren’t these actual tropes? My favorite is definitely the first one, so great! Abhay is perfect for that story. Though I’m not so sure I like Alia. Maybe Sonakshi? Someone who can play dutiful daughter in law but with some sparks really well.


    • Yes! I love the first story and I’m thinking a lot about it, but everytime I imagine a new scenario Alia doesn’t fit it. But Sonakshi is perfect.


      • OH OH! Sonakshi-ARK? Can we finally get the movie we deserve between those two? ARK can drink a little too much all by himself on his terrace, and Sonakshi can see him while she is sitting up lonely waiting for her husband. He can talk at her, she can dignifiedly ignore him, but a bond starts….

        On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 2:27 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Oooo, I like the idea of SOnakshi!!!! Quiet and reserved and dignified, but with little micro-expressions of discontent and unhappiness that sensitive Abhay sees.

      On Mon, Mar 29, 2021 at 1:55 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I just finished watching Moonstruck for the first time in my life and I LOVED IT. Man, this is 100% my type of movie. And it reminded me about this post (which I also love).
    A mature rational heroine with a past, a irrational love at first sight, longing gazes, nice family, comedy. I need a hindi remake with Swara Bhaskar. It would be so easy to remake because italian/sicilian families remind a lot the desi ones.


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