Saturday WatchAlong: Dishoom! So Dumb! So Fun!!!

Happy Saturday! Weird week, I hope there are folks who can join me on this one, didn’t get much interest. But, who cares! It is a wonderful satisfying STUPID movie.

Dishoom! It’s on Prime and Youtube and probably einthusan too. It’s a big dumb action movie with John Abraham and Varun Dhawan playing miss-matched cop partners, and Akshaye playing the villain. Immediately irresistible, right?

At 7:30am, I will put up a “And PLAY” comment and then go from there! With whoever shows up!

222 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Dishoom! So Dumb! So Fun!!!

  1. Jackie and the other swimsuit actress with the fancy car look too much alike. It makes me think the casting director has a fetish.


  2. Okay I’m confused timeline wise. Haven’t they already found his bloody coat? Or is this before they found his coat?


  3. It just seems like a terrible idea to put a gun in the waist band of your pants, right? So easy to slip down. Plus stretches out the waist and then your pants fall off when you DON’t hav ethe gun.

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