DCIB Book Club: Shards of Honor in ONE Week!!!! Dealing With Dragons in TWO Weeks!!!!

I am excited about both these picks! I can’t even decide which I am MORE excited about. One is a new favorite, and one is an old favorite.

Shards of Honor in One Week! I just reread it in, like, 24 hours. It’s so good, so addictive, such an easy delightful read. I cannot WAIT to share it with you all!!!

Dealing With Dragons in Two Weeks!

I am excited about rereading this one! It’s a great twisted fairy tale kids book, very feminist, very fun, and a little bit funny too. If you haven’t read it before, and if you like stories about princesses and dragons and witches and wizards with a kind of interesting comment on patriarchy (wizards are evil because they suck up talent and power they don’t earn). Guaranteed happy escapism in a nice light way, and if you like it, there are 3 sequels you can go through bing-bing-bing.

Amazon.com: Dealing with Dragons: The Enchanted Forest Chronicles, Book One  (9780152229009): Wrede, Patricia C.: Books

(fun little side-note, Bujold and Wrede, the authors of these two books, are friends in real life. In fact, Wrede being able to write and publish a book encouraged Bujold to try her hand at it. They both live in Minneapolis and are accomplished educated women who started writing fantasy in middle-age and I WANT TO BE THEIR FRIEND)


2 thoughts on “DCIB Book Club: Shards of Honor in ONE Week!!!! Dealing With Dragons in TWO Weeks!!!!

  1. Long long ago, my oldest child had a pair of pajamas with a space monkey on them, and somehow whenever he wore those PJs, we would sing “Space Monkey, Space Monkey Monkey” to the tune of Brass Monkey. And when those PJs were passed down to his brother the song was still sung. And when the PJs were then passed down to HIS brother (now a little worse for wear) the song was still sung. And somehow the tune became associated not just with Monkey’s but with SPACE. So now whenever I pick up the book Shards of Honor, in my head I am singing “Space Opera, Space Opera Opera” to the tune of Brass Monkey. It is a rare book that gets musical accompaniment, even if that accompaniment is all in my head.


    • HA! My sister has already started having nonsense things to sing. I don’t know if it is what you do to keep yourself from going insane as a parent, or a symptom of having actually gone insane.

      On Sun, Mar 28, 2021 at 11:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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