Jaya Bachchan Birthday Discussion Questions!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAYA!!!!! I had too many thoughts about her, so I ended up creating many MANY discussion questions, and then you get to answer which ever one you want.

First question!!!!

Do you think Amitabh or Jaya is the better actor?

Oh, this is HARD!!!! I think young Jaya was better than Amitabh. But acting is also about practice. Jaya is freaking AMAZING when she appears onscreen today, but Amitabh is slightly better than her, thanks to sooooooooo much more practice.

Which Jaya hair look is the best Jaya hair look?

Cute braids

How Jaya Bachchan, face of middle cinema in India, carved a niche with her  girl-next-door charm - Entertainment News , Firstpost

Freaky long

Silsila | Mr. & Mrs. 55 – Classic Bollywood Revisited!

Mature power bun

Jaya Bachchan - Movies, Age & Biography

Cute middle-aged bob

15 reasons to love Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham | Filmfare.com

Cute middle-aged ponytail

Aman & Naina's First Meet - Movie Scene - Kal Ho Naa Ho - Shahrukh Khan,  Preity Zinta - YouTube

Which Jaya is more heartbreaking, struggling middle-aged Jaya in KHNH or young optimistic Jaya in Mili?

45 years of Mili (1975): Celebrating the childlike exuberance of Jaya  Bhaduri
rediff.com: What you didn't know about Kal Ho Na Ho

Which of these candid stills of Jaya and Amitabh is cutest?

Hindi Film 101: Jaya Bhaduri Bachchan Part 1, Jaya Bhaduri India's  Sweetheart | dontcallitbollywood
Valentines Day Special: Amitabh Bachchan reminisces old times with wife Jaya  in pic
Jaya Bachchan birthday special: 7 rare pictures of the actress that will  take you on a nostalgia trip! - Bollywood News & Gossip, Movie Reviews,  Trailers & Videos at Bollywoodlife.com

8 thoughts on “Jaya Bachchan Birthday Discussion Questions!!!!

  1. I can’t resist mentioning this. I wish Amitabh Jaya to do an epic romantic film about a marriage between public figures that has adjusted and lasted through decades and occasional flings /affairs with other women cannot touch the sanctity of it. Passionate love of youth had turned into service and duty and this core cannot be damaged.

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  2. Jaya’s hair: Long hair, bob, and pony tail. Man, she has great hair!
    Haven’t seen Mil, so no comment. But Jaya in Abhimaan broke my heart.
    Candid still: The one with Jaya in pants and Amitabh in a turtleneck. Cuties!


    • She has such great hair! I don’t appreciate it now in old age, but I think that is because it started out SO GOOD that even with the aging thinning issues and stuff, it is still average or better.

      On Fri, Apr 9, 2021 at 11:15 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  3. Hair: kind of love the freaky long on her.

    Heartbreaking: haven’t see Mili but I love that role in KHNH. I love her mother roles in general, I think her presence is well suited to it, the quiet subtlety and ability to convey emotions without voicing them. When she was younger those qualities put her into suffering love roles, but mother roles are nicer.

    Couple pics: the black and white because she’s so intent and he looks like a little kid, and the standing pic because the height difference is irresistible.


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