Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Have a PJ Day

Happy Saturday!!!! I am in another high stress house point (inspection came back: everything is falling apart and we will DIE), so I am having a PJ day to relax. I’ve got 5 new puzzles, and I am going to try that new Charles Sobhraj series.

Things to talk about!

Prince Phillip! I’m not sad or anything, I mean, he was a very old man who had a mostly good life. But he is also an interesting person to talk about and share opinions. He handled his position as prince consort with a lot of grace. His family background was seriously messed up and he made his own way in the world and formed his own identity. He also had a habit of saying very very tactless/racist things. And, of course, the whole idea of inherited monarchy is a bit silly and perhaps a waste of resources. Also, the way he was presented in The Crown is RIDICULOUS. So I’m ignoring that version of him because it is not related to the real person really.

Prince Philip's Childhood - Photos of Young Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh

Roohi is on Netflix! I’ll be watching it at some point and be sure to review it for y’all. But also wanted to give you a heads up.

Arjun Kapoor is also trying to sell us IPL brand pillows. Problem being, you look at Arjun and think “but if you were on my couch, why would I need a pillow?”

9 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Have a PJ Day

  1. I need y’all to send me some well wishes because I just got dose 2 of the vaccine (Pfizer for anyone who’s curious) and I’m preparing for an onslaught of feeling like garbage. My roommate felt totally fine after dose 2 of Moderna, but lots of my friends who got Pfizer felt horrible, which is strange cuz I heard more people get side effects after Moderna than Pfizer. So far, I’m fine aside from some arm pain, and it’s only been a few hours, but now I’m getting tired and I have no idea what to expect, and I don’t know if it’s one of those things where I’m imagining it cuz I think it’s gonna happen or it’s actually happening for real, and it’s making me anxious. I purposefully scheduled it for a Saturday so I can recover on Sunday and still go to work, but people are saying I might need to take Monday off as well, and everything is so uncertain and I hate it.
    Did I also tell you my district is reopening, well, not completely, but moreso than usual. We’re still doing hybrid, but anyone who’s in the building has to stay the full day of school, 5 days a week. Before, it was everyone goes home at noon for lunch, and everyone is home all day Wednesday.


    • Not planning on watching Roohi either, but I saw it on Netflix and skimmed it because sometimes I do that. And I have to say, there’s this INCREDIBLE shot of Jahnvi towards the end that I can’t say what’s going on because spoilers I think, but wow, what a cool shot.


      • My boyfriend had the chills and fever for a day, but his mom and my friend had fever and were out of commission for 2 days. Nothing about vomiting, and now I’m scared. But I’m already feeling my forehead for warmth.


    • After the second shot of Moderna my husband basically had a flu for a day and a half. Others I knew were fine, and others were sick for three days.

      Our schools went back into session 5 days a week this past week. Lunch is the risky part according to the kids going (mine aren’t going back quite yet). Thankfully the older grades are getting out early so they aren’t eating lunch at school.

      Good luck!


  2. Are you feeling better today, Courtney? I went out and bought Tylenol and a bunch of almost legal stuff after my second Moderna shot and didn’t have to use any of it. I was just fine. But too bad about the…you know.

    Watched Roohi last nite. Ho-Hum. Rao did ditzy shtick. He’s a much better actor than that. Janhvi is growing into a decent actress after a few so-so performances. I might become a fan. But I looked at my phone a lot during the movie and the ending was DUMB. Not on my Want-To-Watch-Again or You- Have-To-See-This-Film list. I give it a pass.


    • Today is worse than yesterday, honestly, but that was to be expected since it’s been over 24 hours since I got the shot. I slept fine, and I don’t think I have a fever (yet, I feel like it’s coming), but I am so low on energy it’s taking so much effort to read these comments and type this response. I took Tylenol last night before bed, but my arm is still incredibly sore. And moving around in any capacity is difficult and dizzying. My main complaint right now aside from a painful arm to the point where I can’t really use it, is disorientation. Luckily, I planned ahead and created my teaching calendar in such a way that if I decided to take off work tomorrow, my schedule wouldn’t be too messed up.


      • This sounds like me after the Johnson and Johnson shot. Just sooooooooooo low on energy, and dizzy/nauseated. Which I was not expecting, to me vaccine=fever, not this super tiredness and overall bad feeling.


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