What’s Happening in My Life This Week, Bugs and Other Things

Happy Friday! I watched a new movie on Wednesday, like a CHAMP, and reviewed it yesterday. And tonight I might watch another new movie (or not), but also I have fixed SO MUCH LIFE STUFF.

BUGS! Bugs bugs bugs. Found out the exterminator was supposed to visit 4 infested apartments, and instead visited the other 3 and not mine, thus resulting in 4 times as many bugs in my place. Made a big big not-Margaret-like fuss at the landlord, which resulted in the exterminator coming back ASAP. Exterminator said “yep, you got bugs” and that in order for the problem to be fixed he needs to come back twice a month for…..ever? Anyway, dealing with this whole thing meant a lot of throwing away of food and kitchen rearranging and just general mental exhaustion by TRYING NOT TO THINK ABOUT IT.

I’m like Aish in this song, only instead of not thinking about my broken heart, I am not thinking about BUGS

Also, Packing! Packing packing packing! Assuming everything works out (still in pre-closing limbo), I am supposed to be moving in to our new place August 1. And my current lease is up June 1. Which means I have to pack everything I own, hand it off to the movers to go to a storage unit, move in with my parents, and then 2 months later do it all over again. I bought an assortment of high quality boxes online, saved up months of boxes, and this weekend I sort through all my clothes and books and decide what goes to my parents and what goes into storage for 2 months.

I decided I’m gonna have Bahubali Swords over my bed at my parents’, still not sure what to do with SRK standee

Oh, and roofing! Roofing roofing roofing! Our fabulous deal of a two flat is still a fabulous deal, but also needs a bunch of roof repairs, like, NOW. So we have been adding up numbers and getting estimates and all that fun stuff. I am very proud that our three person household has, so far, remained united on all decisions.

It’s exactly like this, except 3 women and two of them are married to each other.

And finally, CAR RECALL! A year ago I got a letter from Ford saying that, possible, I have a defective door latch. A door latch is something I would really like to be not defective, but also I couldn’t figure out how to get my car into a dealership and do all of that stuff. But after a year of trying hard not to picture my door flying open suddenly in the middle of the highway, I have actually made an appointment. For 7am today. And I have to do two hour long work calls somehow during the time the car is being serviced. I keep thinking “no problem, I can just sit in the car and work” and then remembering “wait, THEY WILL HAVE MY CAR”. Oh well, I am sure it will work out.

Picture this, and then THE DOOR FLIES OPEN

6 thoughts on “What’s Happening in My Life This Week, Bugs and Other Things

    • He stayed home. I left him in the car once when I was getting a brake light fixed, and he enjoyed supervising everything.

      On Fri, Apr 23, 2021 at 8:54 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Is this exterminator stupid or what? It was obvious all the bugs will go to the only safe apartment. I have cockroaches phobia and only imagining your situation makes me anxious. Good you’ll leave this apartment soon.


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