RACHEL! I Don’t Care That You Can’t Attend, It’s Your Birthday So You Have to Pick Our Movie This Week!

Was that title clear? Should I make it more creepily personal and specific in a way that makes this blog appear like a college friends email group and not like a Formal Public Film Analysis Site? Anyway, RACHEL!!!! It’s your BIRTHDAY!!!!! So you have to pick the movie even if you don’t attend.

Saturday WatchAlong!!!! Because I am doing packing/moving stuff this Friday afternoon!!! Which also means Rachel can’t attend.

Unless we move it to Sunday morning? Rachel? Sunday morning? If that’s a no go too, that’s cool.

But for your birthday, we will watch ANYTHING YOU WANT US TO WATCH. Something you want to read 500 comments on later on. Something you love and can’t convince anyone else to try. Something you hate and want community in hatred. WHATEVER!!!!

Yes, even Veer-Zaara. I take birthdays very seriously.

3 thoughts on “RACHEL! I Don’t Care That You Can’t Attend, It’s Your Birthday So You Have to Pick Our Movie This Week!

  1. Hahahaha I didn’t see this post before and I actually LOLd at the title. And look how we worked it out! You know if I had read this before I might have actually suggested JTHJ just so we could all say the things we hate about it and get pissed off together as a group. Wrong Choice Major Anand! WRONG CHOICE!


  2. Also I love this community. I have been so crazy busy but I come back and I feel like I’m in a family. But in a good way, not like my real family (of origin)


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