DCIB Book Club, Next Sunday, May 24, THREE POEMS!!! “Goblin Market”, “Dunkirk”, and “The Highwaymen”

Wooo-hooo, poems! Story poems, the best kind. When I was in middle-school, I had this great textbook “Stories in Verse” which had this whole wonderful random collection of ballad poems. And these 3 are some of my favorites from them.

Goblin Market By Christina Rossetti

Written by a woman with two women heroines who are sisters, but could also be read as lovers if you want to read them like that? And also, a happy magical ending!


“Dunkirk” By Robert Nathan

Note the author! There are a whole bunch of Dunkirk poems and this is one of the less famous ones. But it makes me cry every time.


The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes

A classic ballad! Which has a great rhythm to it, you can hear the horses galloping along the highway.


You can read them in the links above, “Goblin Market” is by far the longest, but it should only take about half an hour to read any of them. And then we can talk! And pick our favorites! Or which ones we really hated!

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