Packing Update!

You know the point where you stop remembering what it was like when you WEREN’T packing? Like, drove off for coffee and a bagel this morning, thinking “this is wrong, I should go to the closest possible place so I can hurry back and pack”. And then I thought “remember back in the day, when I could just get coffee from the farther away place and not feel guilty about it?”

First of all, WE STILL HAVEN’T CLOSED!!!! Because of inspections and lawyer reviews and other delays, my friends and I have the PERFECT place under contract, but it’s not for real-real officially ours. So that’s a constant source of stress.

I count the days! But I don’t know exactly how long it will be. Still. Sigh.

Second of all, even after we close (knock on wood), we still can’t move in. Because of stupid Tenant’s Rights. As a tenant, I was always very happy that my lease was still in effect after the building was sold. Now, as a potential owner, I think this is a STUPID law, and I should be able to just throw those people out.

Deewar [1975] | Harveypam's Blog
Let them wander the streets like lil’ Amitabh and lil’ Shashi and Nirupa Roy! I want my HOUSE!

My original plan, once we learned the tenants would still be there, was to end my lease at my current place, have movers take everything and put it in storage, and then I take the fragile most important items with me and move into the large guest room at my parents until the tenants move out, and then I can have all my stuff moved out of storage and in to my real-real place with me.

Fragile most important item

But then, TWIST!!!! My parents suddenly found the perfect place that THEY want to move to (elevator, attached parking, laundry in unit, they are old and need that stuff). There is still, technically, a second bedroom. But it is very VERY tiny. So new plan, the movers take everything into storage, I move in with my parents with the bare minimum of stuff, then move again with them to their new place, and then finally move to my real-real place.

The Lori Wall Bed
They are considering a Murphy bed. That’s how tiny.

Just as I had gotten used to this plan, NEW TWIST!!!! One of the tenants is willing to move out early. BUT! It is the tenant in the upstairs unit which we planned for my friends. Partly because I can live on the first floor and be protected by my Vicious Guard Dog, and partly because it is slightly larger and they are 2 people. Okay, new plan, I move all my stuff into storage, then move in with my parents, then move with them to their new place, then move from their new place to the upstairs unit with the bare minimum of stuff, then move from the upstairs unit to my final unit, and then have the movers bring all my stuff from storage.

This is what my apartment looks like currently. So many boxes! With the storage plan, I can’t compromise, everything has to be in a sturdy box that can survive months in a storage unit.

And of course, this is all dependent on the closing actually happening and this being our place for real and sure and final. Sigh.

Anyway, the upside is, my mother offered to pay for painters! Largely because she is a loving and indulgent mother, but maybe a little bit because she feels guilty for MAKING ME SLEEP IN A MURPHY BED. Or maybe because she is trying to make my new place so nice I will never land on them and stay with them for months on end again? But probably mostly because she is a loving and indulgent mother.

coming soon
My bedroom is gonna be PINK! This color of pink. Isn’t it nice?

11 thoughts on “Packing Update!

  1. I’m am so sorry you still haven’t closed. I’m keeping my fingers crossed all the t s are crossed and the i s are dotted soon.


    • THANK YOU! I mean, it’s not THAT much of a worry. I hope. I think. The lawyers and realtors and stuff seem relaxed about it. But I just want the thing officially DONE.

      On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 2:04 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yeah, sometimes it is hard to focus on the next task when the first one isn’t complete. At least it is for me.


        • That’s it EXACTLY!!!! I want to get this finalized so I can move on to this that and the other thing.

          On Mon, May 17, 2021 at 2:20 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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