Memorial Day WatchAlong! Dus! Now on Prime! 8am Chicago Time

Happy Memorial Day! Got into a big debate on the blog a while back about whether it is appropriate to say “happy” for memorial day and similar holidays. Whatever, I am ALWAYS happy!

Dus! I could swear it was on Netflix when I checked 2 days ago, but now it isn’t. Very weird. Anyway, hop over to Prime instead! It’s the big stupid action movie with great songs of your DREAMS.

I’ll put up a comment right here when it is time to start, and then we can comment along on this post.


354 thoughts on “Memorial Day WatchAlong! Dus! Now on Prime! 8am Chicago Time

  1. The 9 year old gives the film 0 stars, the 6 year old gives it 5 stars. Explosions rock. Dead stars do not. 6 year old thinks the guy who crashed the plane was dumb.

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  2. This was a nice half-attention span watch! The ending was so good if not a little crazy and stupid. Have a happy Monday all of you! (no Memorial Day today here, so I guess can say the word “happy” without feeling guilty)

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