Hindi Action Films to Watch Once You Finish the Standard List

Follow up to my Rom-Com post!  And one I actually feel more deeply about, there are a lot of great clever action films out there that don’t get attention while big stupid ones do, a much bigger problem with action than in the rom-com genre.

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Dus: Not a Lot To Say About It, But MAN! This is SUCH a Fun Movie!!!!

I was looking for movie-to-have-on-in-the-background-while-unpacking, and Netflix reminded me that it has Dus now (for full list of all Indian movies on Netflix, check out accessbollywood.net here; for my opinion and recommendations of Indian movies on Netflix look at my post here).  And I am so glad I was reminded!  It really is the perfect movie.  In a very particular category of movie.

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Happy Birthday Sanjay Dutt!!! 57 Years Old and Still Going Strong!!!

Yaaaaaaaay, Sanjay!  Your first birthday out of jail with no court case hanging over you!  That must feel so good!  Here are 25 reasons I love you, one for every year between your debut in Rocky and your re-debut in Lago Raho Munna Bhai.

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