Saturday WatchAlong: Dostana! For PRIDE!!! And Happiness. 7:30am Chicago Time

Happy Saturday! This comes to you from the guest room at my parents. I look forward to being interrupted by my Dad’s coffee and breakfast.

Dostana! Super gay, super fun, super bright and sunny and happy. Also, good soundtrack! It’s on Netflix in America and other places in other places.


At 7:30am I will put up an “And PLAY!” comment and then y’all can comment along from there!

283 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: Dostana! For PRIDE!!! And Happiness. 7:30am Chicago Time

      • YES! It gently opens minds with humor instead of being in your face big speech proud of itself. Most of all though, it makes people who don’t understand/believe in gay men into the comic elements. Instead of into sympathetic characters like Shubh Mangal does.


        • Well, it also doesn’t have someone being really badly gay bashed by family and everyone just brushing that aside and not breaking contact with the family for it. The father doesn’t even apologise for it.


          • Yep. “see, they are just like you and you are like them, it’s okay to be homophobic, and you should celebrate yourself for opening your mind and intsy bitsy bit”


  1. Did everyone watch to the still shot of John and Abhi with “and they lived happily ever after….” under it? I will take that as confirmation!

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  2. This was such a happy start to the day! Which I need, because Mercury is in Retrograde. Be careful out there everyone!!!!


    • I’ve already had to deal with work emails this morning and more importantly, Theo is sick and we had to make an emergency vet appointment because I am worried about him!!! 😦


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