Happy Birthday AMERICA!!!!

It’s the 4th of July! America’s birthday!!! Let’s look at some Indian-American songs! Woot!

Blah blah, every country has value, America has loads of problems, I acknowledge all of that. But America, like every country, also has good parts. And my Birthday rule is to only say the “nice” things. So let’s look at some songs that make America AWESOME!

Starting from the top, “Preity Woman”

Woot, “Anbil Avan”!

“English/Vinglish”! Freedom, multi-culturalism, yaaaay!

All this New York songs, let’s get some pretty middle America! “Edo Jaruguthondi”

And finally, a song all about Chicago! Which is terrible, but so strange I feel the need to include it. “Aa Le Chal”


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