Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Monday After MAJOR DIVORCE NEWS?

Happy Monday! I am technically not working today, but I still logged into my work chatroom because we had to dish about Aamir. Very professional.

Here is where you get to ask me anything you want from “so, does this mean his Forrest Gump remake will be worse or better?” to “Margaret, how are you settling in to your new apartment?” Just keep swinging back here all week as you think of new questions!

Now, question for you: In honor of the Aamir/Fatima rumors, what is your most and least favorite big age gap celebrity couple?

My FAVORITE is Saira Banu and Dilip Kumar tied with Bogie and Bacall.

My least favorite, is Aamir Fatima if that rumor is true, tied with Amber Tamblyn and David Cross, that is just WEIRD.


15 thoughts on “Monday Morning Questions: What Do You Want to Ask Me the Monday After MAJOR DIVORCE NEWS?

    • I am so close to being settled! I have all my stuff put away and set up, I have food in the fridge, I have a system for walking the dog, all I need is to pick up one more big heavy thing from my parents and I am fully moved in.

      On Mon, Jul 5, 2021 at 11:45 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • Forgot…as for age gap… I like to feel a comfort level between both (which I could/can feel respective to Dilip-Saira and Bogart-Bacall i.e.)…I think that even a forty years gap can allow a love life beyond any conservative thinking.


  1. Dilip-Saira for me too, if you discount that weird phase with him leaving her to marry someone else! I can’t readily name other big age gap couples in Indian films (Dharmendra-Hema?).

    I don’t know why but the divorce news didn’t shock me or anything. Of course it’s sad for the child, but Kiran has always been so individualistic and confident, I don’t see her as the put-upon or abandoned wife. Neither has it affected my view of Aamir as a person or performer. I believe they had good reasons and I have the same amount of respect for both of them as I had earlier. It just goes to show how much Aamir’s screen image is so removed from his personal life (at least in my mind) that it won’t affect how I see him onscreen.

    I absolutely hate the Aamir-Fatima rumors! I never believed them and I don’t want to now. So many things that make it icky if true – the possible cheating, the age and power gap, ugh!

    Anyway, I’d much rather talk about onscreen big age gap couples. I watched many of the latter Cary Grant films where the actresses were significantly younger than him. I was apprehensive going into them since I adore him and never want to feel icky watching his films. Thankfully, that wasn’t the case at all! For the simple strategy of making the heroines the pursuer and aggressor, and him resisting them. I absolutely endorse this strategy and find it hilarious that in all these films, his attitude is essentially ‘Do I HAVE to romance these lovely young ladies? Oh well, if I must!’ That being said, not all the romances worked for me. I loved North by Northwest and Charade, but didn’t much care for To Catch a Thief or Touch of Mink. I think it’s the balance between not being persuasive and coming across as disinterested; for the latter two it veered more towards him being too nonchalant. It also has to do with how much agency and personality the females had, I enjoyed Eva and Audrey more than Grace and Doris in their roles.

    I think the aging Hindi film heroes should adopt this strategy if they want to star opposite younger actresses, while playing their ages. As a bonus, it would make for such interesting female roles.


    • I’m sad because I liked Aamir-Kiran as a couple, but agree, she doesn’t really fit the “poor tragic wife” concept. She’ll be fine. Fatima, on the other hand, UGH! Big age gap, big power gap, and she doesn’t seem to have created her own identity at all separate from Aamir. that’s not even talking romantically, his mentorship alone has obviously been all consuming for her. I want to see her break free and experiment a little more.

      Yes about Cary Grant! Having the girls pursue him, and him feel a little uncomfortable about it, makes all the difference. That’s the vibe Anushka and SRK had in JTHJ and it worked better than anyone even expected. We need more of that.

      On Mon, Jul 5, 2021 at 4:12 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. I finished Haseen Dilruba 😃 Have you and Dina watched it already? Can’t wait to read your review and say what I think about it.


  3. The only couple with big age gap that is my favorite is definitely SRK and Anushka, I love their chemistry, they are like the full package, they are cute, hot, and even mature in some way


  4. I came here since there is no Wednesday Watching post. Film Companion had a live discussion ‘Your Favorite Khan’ with 4 panelists yesterday. I thought it might be fun since everyone would be cheering for a different Khan. 10 minutes in, I started laughing when all of them came out and named Shahrukh as their favorite. First, what’s the point if everyone picks the same option? Second, all this SRK love yet when it comes to reviewing his movies, they can’t see anything good in them, duh! Anyway, they had journalist Kaveree Bamzai on, whose book ‘Three Khans and the Emergence of New India’ will be out soon. Thought you might be interested.


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