TGIF: Dilip Sahib, Which Photo is Handsomest?

Only one option for TGIF this week! And he was a very very handsome man who took many many photos, so this should be a fun post.

Confused young Dilip

10 unknown facts about Dilip Kumar :::MissKyra

Dilip with his good friend Raj

Andaz Apna Apna: Varun Dhawan's Photo Stars Dilip Kumar, Raj Kapoor, Dev  Anand

Scarf Dilip

Dilip Kumar And Saira Banu's Love Story, Age Gap Of 22 Years, 54 Years Of  Marriage And A Miscarriage

Dilip being romantic 1

Birthday Special! Romance icon Dilip Kumar's most famous onscreen pairings  |

Dilip Drunk

The glorious legacy of Dilip Kumar, arguably the subcontinent's first  method actor | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Dilip Romantic 2

Pin on Ishqwala

Dilip Smiling

10 roles by Dilip Kumar that radically changed Bollywood, forever

Dilip Eyes

My professional name is Dilip Kumar': Encounters with one of India's  greatest actors

Dilip Romantic 3

Film History Pics on Twitter: "Dilip Kumar and Madhubala share a light  moment, during the shoot of MUGHAL-E-AZAM : released today in 1960… "

Dilip Feet

Memories of the Original Heartthrob – Dilip Kumar special

Dilip Romantic 4

Remembering Dilip Kumar: How Saira Banu Won Over the Man of Her Dreams | Dilip  Kumar Saira Banu Love Story

Dilip Emporer

Birthday Special; Dilip Kumar's 5 interesting facts of his life | NewsTrack  English 1

Dilip embroidered

Dilip Kumar, unlimited and unbound – Birthday special

My favorite, Dilip Romantic 3!!!!


13 thoughts on “TGIF: Dilip Sahib, Which Photo is Handsomest?

  1. The confused Dilip, having now seen the full scene, is my favorite. That’s a total Shahrukh gesture, I think he got it from him. I’ve seen the smiling Raj-Dilip (and Nargis) photo many times and it gave me a totally different sense of Andaz than what it turned out to be! I now realize it’s not actually from the movie.


    • Apparently they had a blast on set, which I think comes through in that threesome photo. Way more than in the film itself!

      On Fri, Jul 9, 2021 at 3:57 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. Margaret, thanks for everything you wrote/posted about Dilip .. it’ so much Margaret-like and I simply l o v e it 🙂
    The confused Dilip…this shy and smiling man…smiling first and then the thinking started…


  3. Confused young Dilip ftw. I infact have this photo saved of him in my photo gallery. Gives me young SRK from DDLJ vibes.


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