I Have Been So Busy This Weekend! I Missed You ALL!!!!

Happy Sunday! I am soooooooooo tired. I just can barely even move. And I did soooooooooooo much stuff over the past days. I kept thinking “ooo, I should tell the blog people about this” and then “I’m too tired!”

I got so much down, in this irritating not-quite-as-planned way. For instance, I had to buy gardening supplies and I had a gift coupon to a gardening store, great! Get to the store, realize I don’t have the coupon on me. Okay, I can still buy it, and the store will honor the card, I just have to come back with the receipt and the card sometime. It worked out, but not perfectly. Sigh.

Anyway, Saturday morning first thing I drove straight into the city to be productive at the two flat! Arrive, realize I forgot the keys. Sigh. Not a big problem, the main reason I came in was to meet up with my co-owner to do bank stuff. So I knew I could get her keys eventually, I just wanted to do something useful in the meantime. Okay, I can do yard work, that’s fine. Work work work, and then go “I am covered in dirt and if I don’t have a shower, the bank will never give us money. And also, I will die of dehydration”. And then I remembered that a) I don’t have keys to my new house, b) I don’t have keys to my parents’ new house and they are out of town. So I texted everyone I could think of who a) knows me well enough to lend me a shower and b) has a shower to lend. Which was a surprisingly short list, since I know a lot of people with roommates and stuff. Thank goodness, I got a response to my “weird question, are you home and can I use your shower?” from a friend and went over there and she took me in and said “oh you poor thing” and I showered and put on my back up shirt and sat at her kitchen table for two hours and then went to the bank.

My sister gave me my this key chain for my birthday that literally says “Remember”. And I didn’t. Sigh.

A lot more stuff happened, I worked myself to the bone despite everything going slightly wrong, but the best bit was the end! The main reason I came into the city, besides going to the bank, was to put together and use our new lawnmower. Which somehow felt like a really Really big deal to me. And then I finally figured out why it was a big deal. Small gas powered engines are my Dad’s favorite thing in the whole world. He loves fiddling with them, he loves using them, they just delight him. And the thought of being responsible for my very own small gas powered engine was TERRIFYING. So on Friday night, before I came in, Dad and I went through the manual together and he gave me a two hour quick and dirty lecture on the functioning of 4 cycle gas engines and I felt Ready. Wasn’t ready. This morning, I ended up putting my phone on speaker and mowing the lawn with my Dad listening the entire time so he could hear how the engine was running and tell me “give it more air” or “it’s out of gas” or “try starting it again so I can hear how it goes”.

Look how beautiful! Except for the big dirt stretch where there used to be flowers I hated!

And then I ran a bunch more errands, exhausted, finally started driving back to the lake house and it all hit me about half an hour away from the house. I barely made it back to the house, running on fumes (like my lawnmower), and I just spent 3 hours eating and drinking and petting my dog (who missed me A Lot). And now, finally, I feel up to writing this blog post so y’all know I’m okay. Just tired.

Look how much he missed me!

15 thoughts on “I Have Been So Busy This Weekend! I Missed You ALL!!!!

  1. That sounds exhausting! Welcome back. And go easy on yourself. Moving is discombobulating. I always lose my keys – only when I move – and forget things, and break things, and get lost. Your brain is remapping itself, it takes a while.

    Happened upon this video and clicked because I’ve been thinking about the Pakistani industry especially during the pandemic, there’s been so little news emerging, it’s felt like a huge blow at a delicate moment. It’s a great conversation, if you have a bit of down time at some point.

    – Mahira mentions that a bunch of Pakistani films are being held for release because of the pandemic.
    – Azaan was an AD on Kalank. He wanted to AD on a big film because he thinks he might end up as a lead actor and wants to understand everything he can so he can live up to expectations. He grew up in the film world because of his father and is friends with Hossein Dalal, a writer on the film, who shared his resume with Abhishek Berman, who allowed him on. He said he shot 30-40% of the film including songs before having to return home. (Made me think of what you say about Karan nurturing talent.)
    – Azaan wrote Superstar for Mahira and shares all his songs with her before anyone else. She seems to have mentored him from early on, they’re close friends and the way they talk together is adorable. It feels like such a small world.
    – Mahira has interesting stuff to say about social media, and about turning down some streaming projects because what happened during the Raees release scared her. But she’s trying to move past that and be bold again.
    – Also very interesting stuff about being a powerful woman in her industry and how she’s trying to use that to shape scripts in projects she’s producing or appearing in.
    – Mahira gives a shout out at the end to Anupama for turning her on to Malayali cinema :).

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    • That’s exactly what it feels like! My brain is remapping itself. Thank you!

      And thanks for the video summary, really interesting. I’m glad to hear Mahira is still controlling her own career and thinking deeply about her choices. Or rather, I am glad to hear she still has the star power to have the luxury of doing that. She’s been around for a while now, I keep wondering if her time has passed.

      On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 12:27 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  2. That sounds like you were stressed and tired to start with – it’s then that the physical universe gangs up on you and all the stuff that usually you don’t even have to think about gets replaced with Weird Shit. But you persevered and conquered, despite being down the rabbit-hole so props to you 🙂


    • Thank you! Also, because I am a Superstar, I walked 3 blocks to get coffee instead of paying $5 to have it delivered to my door. As I have been doing. But there, another $5 in the “fix the roof” fund!

      On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 5:10 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



    • That’s the plan! My parents keep asking me if I want to go boating or swimming or anything, and I keep saying “no! I’m EXHAUSTED!”

      On Mon, Jul 19, 2021 at 5:23 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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