Discussion Post: In Which Shahrukh Movies Do You Think He Picked the Wrong Heroine?

This is the start of my big hardworking 3 day moving period, so expect bare minimum posting. But I also need something happy to think about, so SRK!

I’m gonna start us off with two obvious ones.

Chandramukhi is better than Paro

ThrowbackThursday: Madhuri Dixit reminisces about 'Devdas' experience |  Bollywood Bubble

Anushka is better than Kat

Is Jab Tak Hai Jaan Shah Rukh's biggest opening yet? - Rediff.com Movies

And a little more obscure, Amrita Singh over Juhi

Retro Bollywood — Shah Rukh Khan & Amrita Singh in RAJU BAN GAYA...

14 thoughts on “Discussion Post: In Which Shahrukh Movies Do You Think He Picked the Wrong Heroine?

  1. Anushka is better than Kat in JTHJ, but then Kat is better than Anushka in Zero. Bad choices both.

    Amrita is a fascinating woman but Juhi all the way. No choice is ever better than Juhi, Juhi is always right.

    Another obvious one: Karisma is a better match than Madhuri in DTPH.

    Less obviously but in terms of living a happy life:
    Dil Se – clearly should have stuck with Preity instead of chasing after Manisha.
    Don 2 – Lara Dutta over Priyanka. I mean. She’s a super spy, competent in all areas, gorgeous, and would do anything for him.
    Fan – stay home and ask out your nice neighborhood crush, Gaurav! Real life girl should win over sick obsession.


  2. KANK – Rhea was better than Maya. Maya was whiny, immature and selfish. But Dev didn’t deserve Rhea.
    K3G- Naina was better than Anjali. Anjali was annoying and she was embarrassing.
    Dilwale- Raj should have moved on from a woman who tried to kill him three times.

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    • And his wife loved and understood him! They needed therapy, but there was a lot there to save.

      On Sun, Aug 1, 2021 at 10:40 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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