Saturday Late Morning WatchAlong! GUPT! For Kajol’s BDay!!! At 10:30am Chicago Time

I know, I’m just all over the map. But I’ve got soooooooooo many things I’m juggling right now! Dishwasher was delivered, painter has started, bed is coming tomorrow (knock on wood), and sink is still lost somewhere in the world but I have a plumber scheduled for Tuesday because I am counting on having it by then. Anyway, tomorrow I will get up early, walk Albie Dog, buy cleaning supplies to scrub out the kitchen cupboards really really good because the TRASH PEOPLE left all their stuff behind (broken bread machine, full set up silverware, plastic bags of things I couldn’t identify), and then settle in to watch a nice movie with you.

Gupt! The only thing wrong with this movie is that it is a little bit hard to find. You have to go to einthusan for it, sorry about that. But SO WORTH IT!!!! Really, trust me.

At 10:30am, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we can just go along from there.


5 thoughts on “Saturday Late Morning WatchAlong! GUPT! For Kajol’s BDay!!! At 10:30am Chicago Time

  1. I just watched this movie and really really don’t want to watch it again. But because you are having a tough week and you do so much for us, I’ll try to jump on for a bit!


      • Meh. I like Kajol’s acting in it and it’s an interesting movie, which is why I just showed it to someone but it’s really not one of my favorites.


      • I should clarify. It’s one of those movies that I can appreciate. I am happy it was made and think it’s a movie people should watch at least once but it’s just not one that I can watch just because it gives me joy. Does that make sense?


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