I Have a Good Movie Idea for Rani! Tough Cop Working with 3 Old Men

I’ve got a headache today so I am not thinking too hard about anything, instead I am watching a soothing BBC show and I just realized it would be perfect for Rani.

New Tricks, Original Show

I am not recommending this, but also not-not recommending it. It’s sort of at the Psych/Monk/The Closer level of quality, a pleasant way to kill an hour with bright colors and simple mysteries and fun actors.

The idea is that our heroine is a tough sexy blonde of a certain age who has fought her way up the ranks by not making a lot of friends, and blowing off steam with ill-advised romantic adventures. She gets blamed for a messed up operation and as punishment is put on cold cases. There’s no money in the budget for anyone to work with her on the cold cases, so instead they suggest she hire some retired cops as low paid outside consultants to help. Old cases, old cops, makes sense. The end result is this tough sexy blonde woman supervising a bunch of grumpy old men and solving cases and becoming friends. And most episodes, she gets a love interest because men are always falling for her although she is trying not to make bad choices any more.

This is PERFECT for Rani, right? Tough sexy successful female cop whose personal life is a disaster, scaring her group of grumpy old guys into doing what she wants at the same time she protects them from her supervisors. Plus we get to cast a bunch of fun grumpy old guys around her!

Old Cop with 3 ex-wives and a playboy attitude: Jackie Shroff, obviously

Fussy Old Cop widower, the most sensible one: Suniel Shetty

Slightly OCD Old Cop who is very precise about everything: Anil Kapoor

End of an era as 'New Tricks' teaches its last 'old dog' | Tellyspotting

7 thoughts on “I Have a Good Movie Idea for Rani! Tough Cop Working with 3 Old Men

    • Yes, Jackie as the aging playboy is a delightful idea! Especially with a middle-aged female boss rolling her eyes at him.

      On Fri, Aug 20, 2021 at 12:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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