Friday WatchAlong: Kal Ho Na Ho! Because SRK! 3pm Chicago Time

Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay, a watchalong!!!! I’m excited! I’m gonna get off work, do errands, then come home and settle in for a nice shared viewing experience.

Kal Ho Na Ho! It’s on Netflix, it’s AWESOME, and we have all probably already seen it. But just in case, for those who haven’t yet, NO SPOILERS. Well, as much as possible.

At 3pm Chicago time, I will put up an “And PLAY” comment and then we can all watch along together from there, yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!


309 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Kal Ho Na Ho! Because SRK! 3pm Chicago Time

  1. The bit with the conductors baton is the one where Saif kills me. The shot of Preity and SRK looking at each other, and then Saif just watching calmly in the background.

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      • real life sad warning: she had a late term medically recommended abortion because of danger to the life of mother and fetus. That pregnancy is why she turned down the role in KHNH and her cameo is only from the neck up. She and Ajay did a joint public statement, it was SUPER sad.


  2. I agree. K3G was designed to be extra. This story is already so emotional, it doesn’t need to beat us over the head with it in order to land and hit us in the feels.

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  3. Weather report: I’m gonna say it is maybe 2 months after the wedding? Gia’s in a little sweater, so maybe winter and the wedding was in fall?


  4. How old is Gia? Did they establish? Why would you let a little girl in on such a heavy situation! I get saying goodbye, but she doesn’t need any more trauma.


    • It’s such a special bond between them. Forget the queer coding, just the idea of a dying guy and a living guy loving each other as friends, and having an understanding of the responsibilities he will carry on.

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  5. BAD 20 years later!!! BAd BAD!!! I think it should have been 5 or 10 years, and then it would work so much better. We’d know Preity and Rohit love each other and are happy and everything is great, we see that Gia is good, but we don’t have the bad make-up.

    Also, OMG! It actually IS almost 20 years later!

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  6. Oh MAN does that movie hold up!!!!! Not like “oh wow, I see so much more now”, but like it’s 20 years later and the costumes, hair, dialogue, songs, better than what we have today, higher quality, more imaginative, more modern feelign even. A few miss-steps, but still SO GOOD.

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  7. Okay, I am going to crawl into my bed and be upset. Didn’t cry, but my heartstrings are definitely tugged.
    This was fun, despite the heartbreak. THanks Margaret for hosting! Have a great weekend everyone! And good luck for anyone else like me who has back to school coming up way sooner than they’re ready for!

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