This Was a Totally Exhausting Weekend, I Am Retreating to Sid M’s Instagram

Why is one large party on Saturday and one family lunch today so incredibly tiring? Probably something about socializing and emotion and stuff. Anyway, Eva’s had a wonderful emotional weekend (yaaaaay, new daughter!), Courtney has had a terrible emotional weekend (booo, romantic break-up), and I’ve had kind of a neutral emotional weekend (100th birthday party), so let’s look at Sid M!

Look at him, as puzzled as we are by the fringe on his jacket!

This surprisingly charming ad that actually makes me want to buy this game thing

On the cover of “India’s Only Uber Luxury Magazine for Men”. Do you think that means there is another Uber Luxury Magazine, but it’s for all genders? Or a Luxury magazine for men, but not an UBER Luxury magazine?

This is an odd photo. But his foot looks very good!

This is more of a close up of Sid’s legs than I want, but I find the talking bit at the end SO CHARMING.

Why is he wearing an enormous blue parka, but no shirt?

Look at all these photos. Are his hands and feet just ENORMOUS???

This outfit, NO!!!! And I think it was styled by Tiger’s sister? She does NOT have good taste.

And finally, work out video!!!! You have to see the stretch at the end, VERY impressive.


6 thoughts on “This Was a Totally Exhausting Weekend, I Am Retreating to Sid M’s Instagram

  1. Anaita Shroff is not Tiger’s sister. Lol. She is an editor of Vogue India. She also played Sheena in DDLJ, the girl SRK flirts with to make Kajol jealous.


  2. Despite the weird blue parka concept, I want to bury myself in that space between his pecs. And his massive hands and feet.

    I’m fine, I promise. Thank you for this post.


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