Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Create a Dining Room!

I decided, I need a deadline. So I invited friends over for dinner on Monday IN THE DINING ROOM. I don’t have to empty all the boxes by then (these are very good friends), but I do have to at least make enough space to eat at the table. That should keep me busy for the rest of the weekend.

Things to talk about!

Sardar Uddham Singh

Looks like for once they have slightly accurate historical costuming. Are we happy or are we a little disappointed? Also, do we have any moral feelings about the “woot! Kill the British!” message?

Vicky Kaushal starrer Sardar Udham to release on Amazon Prime Video: 'The  story of a revolutionary' | Entertainment News,The Indian Express

Karan Johar and Netflix Breakup

I wonder what happened here? Karan had an exclusive contract with Netflix, which is now ended. Sure, his stuff hasn’t been HUGE, Fabulous Lives of Bollywood Wives and Searching for Sheela didn’t set the world on fire. But I assume they were “fine” based on how many people I know who watched them. Maybe he negotiated just a MASSIVE fee for the exclusivity and Netflix could not justify based on the normal returns they were seeing?

Shilpa Shetty’s Husband Arrested for Pornography?

Not sure WHAT is going on with this dude! He’s the same one who was arrested for the IPL betting scam, right? And now he is arrested again because digital platforms he created were used to share porn. Shilpa, YOU CAN DO BETTER! Do you think after filming Baazigar, her standards for men just sunk super super low?

Shilpa Shetty refrains from commenting about Raj Kundra investigation |  Hindi Movie News - Times of India

5 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While I Create a Dining Room!

  1. Not related to any of these topics. If I haven’t mentioned this before, I always try to make a cheesy “student of the year” joke to some of my higher level classes to slyly acknowledge Bollywood without outwardly saying I’m a fan. Like, since they’re mostly Asian and overly competitive, I’d say things like “you don’t get any kind of student of the year trophy if you answer the question first”. I’ve said that a few times so far this year, and one girl in the back quietly said “omg like the movie” and I said to all of them “yes, I am aware that it’s a movie, and yes, I’ve seen it.” The shock on their faces was hysterical. That girl literally said “Like…the brown one?” And then recommended Happy New Year because it’s her favorite. She might be my favorite now because she has taste. And also casually told everyone she’s a lesbian and no one cared. And everyone recommended 3 Idiots because every time Bollywood comes up, the kids always recommend 3 Idiots.

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  2. Hey! I saw Love Story and I enjoyed it a lot! I was expecting another light and happy rom-com like Fidaa from Shekhar Kammula but this was a lot more intense and serious. I still loved the movie and honestly it made me so happy to go the theater to see a Telugu movie again. Especially a movie like this with Sai Pallavi’s amazing dancing.


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