Friday WatchAlong: Ajnabee! For Kareena! And 2000s Stupidity!

I am excited! I haven’t watched a good old classic early 2000s movie in ages, and even longer since I watched one I hadn’t seen before. I am ready to be entertained and surprised!

Ajnabee! It’s available for rent on Prime, and on einthusan. At 3pm Chicago time I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and we can all watch along from there. Enjoy the neon! The cargo pants! Bobby curls!


393 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Ajnabee! For Kareena! And 2000s Stupidity!

  1. This is giving me anxiety flashbacks to the time that I went through an automated toll booth at 4:00 a.m., stopped my car to fiddle with the cash-eater thing, and it refused to start back up.


  2. See, this is why I have all my bank accounts set for 2 factor authentication when on an unknown computer. So hackers like Bobby Deol can’t track me.


  3. Did any of you use to listen to “Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar”? I would totally be down for a movie about Sharat Saxena, hard-boiled insurance investigator.


  4. So Akshay and Bips move to Switzerland, pretended to be married, make friends with the neighbors, and then planned to do this whole wife swap murder thing in Mauritius, which is why Bips was coming on to Bobby and Akshay’s real wife was there. But it didn’t work so they had to change plans and do it back home in Switzerland where it was more complicated. Bobby goes to Bips and is hit on the head, Akshay goes to the airport and picks up his real wife and brings her home, he and Bips kill the real wife and Bips disappears.

    And this is what happens when you make friends with “Strangers”

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  5. “I used to play the drums; she used to dance there. Of course, that was back before the owner fired me for only looking at her, not at whatever I happened to be hitting with my drumsticks.”

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  6. Margaret – Thank you again for indulging us with this ridiculous movie!!! And for your theories!

    Ladies – Thank you all for being naturally so hilarious. These watchalongs make my day! Hope eveyone has a wonderful weekend!!!

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