What Warm Family Drama Should I Watch This Fall?

It’s getting chilly! I bought mint tea! I’m gonna make pumpkin bread! I am in the mood for one of those loves and hugs sort of family TV dramas, but I can’t decide which one! Help!

This Is Us

The one that started the modern trend! Fabulous cast, touching storylines, blah blah blah. I watched the first several episodes and loved it and then drifted away. Honestly what is keeping me away is Boring White Actor Brother. I just can’t face spending a quarter of my time caring about him. Because he is Boring. Does he get less boring? Does the show stay high quality in general? Is it a good cozy fall viewing experience while doing puzzles wrapped in a sweater and drinking hot cocoa?

This Is Us (TV Series 2016–2022) - IMDb

The Good Doctor

I just started seeing a million ads for this and now I am tempted to try it. Medical drama crossed with emotional relationship drama, with a slow build friendship turned to romance at the heart of it.

The Good Doctor' Finale: Freddie Highmore Says It Could 'Make or Break'  Shaun & Lea's Relationship

A Million Little Things

Not gonna lie, this is mostly because it stars James Roday from Psych and I LOVE Psych. But also, the idea of 4 long term adult male friends is intriguing. We usually get woman with these close bonds, so seeing male friendship is intriguing.

A Million Little Things' Says Goodbye to [Spoiler] for Now — Who's  Recurring in Season 4?

There’s also the one that stars the Rocketeer, can’t remember the name and been off the air for a while now. And Parenthood and Brothers and Sisters.

Anyway, what’s your vote? Which do you most enjoy/think I would most enjoy/want to talk about with me?


5 thoughts on “What Warm Family Drama Should I Watch This Fall?

  1. I love This is Us and am pretty much completely caught up except for the finale of the most recent season. The show is very well crafted and well acted, but it can get very heavy. Sometimes it feels like they’re doing things on purpose to make you cry. White Actor Brother does have more issues that make him more like his father but in a bad way. He’s still not my favorite but I don’t despise him like I did at the beginning. I will happily discuss it with you if you plan on watching.


    • I went for A Million Little Things which isn’t nearly as good, which works for me. I can maintain critical distance and be all “these people are RIDICULOUS” instead of crying.

      On Thu, Oct 7, 2021 at 8:47 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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