Shahrukh Month: Halloween-y! How Would You Cast His Vampire-Werewolf Love Story?

Vampire-Werewolf love stories! A classic of all bad Halloween month romances! Let’s talk SRK, love interest, and rival casting!

Okay! Classic Love Triangle! We got a Vampire, a Werewolf, and then a second Vampire/Werewolf. Let me give some options:

Shahrukh is an ancient Vampire

Aish is his family chosen fellow Vampire bride

Maddy is the Werewolf Shahrukh fights and then falls in love with

PIX: Shah Rukh, Anushka party with Maddy - movies

Shahrukh is a leader of a Werewolf pack

Anushka is his best friend who he never thinks of “that way”

Ranbir is an emo Vampire who decides he is in love with Anushka and starts pulling her away from the pack, thus making Shahrukh realize he loves her.

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Shahrukh is a Lone Wolf Werewolf

Dips is a fragile Vampire being hunted by Humans who Shahrukh saves

Ranveer is a Vampire friend of Shahrukh he takes her to for help

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Shahrukh is a Vampire King

Kat is a Vampire Queen

Ranbir is a Werewolf who tricks Kat into love and hurts her, sending her into a marriage alliance with SRK

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Okay, Shahrukh as a Vampire falling for a Vampire? Or a Vampire falling for a Werewolf? Or a Werewolf falling for a Vampire? Or a Werewolf falling for a Werewolf?


10 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month: Halloween-y! How Would You Cast His Vampire-Werewolf Love Story?

    • Should Shahrukh-Maddy have a history? Like, they’ve been on the downlow for years and suddenly they have to acknowledge their live? Or should they be friendly enemies who accidentally kiss?


      • I’m thinking family friend connection. Maddy’s parents and SRK’s parents are friends and would visit each other all the time, which meant the two boys would also have to spend time together. And they HATED each other, couldn’t agree on anything. If Maddy wants orange juice for breakfast, SRK has to have apple. If SRK gets all As, Maddy is the star athlete. At 20, after a knockdown tussle, they both put their foot down: they don’t want to spend time together and don’t see why they should be forced to. So they don’t see each other for years and years and years (almost a century). Then, years later, they randomly come across each other, maybe through work in the book publishing industry. They’ve calmed down a bit and can appreciate each other, but still each raises their hackles around the other (pun intended). But still, they try to get coffee (or a blood smoothie? Idk), try to be adults, be calm. But they still fight, still get thrown out of some coffeeshops. But the undercurrent is different, there’s a fondness and a spark. One day, the banter goes too far and they sleep together. Neither handles it well, so when Aish is introed as SRK’s fiancĂ©e at a work event, with all sets of parents there (and commenting on how surprised they are that SRK and Maddy are in the same office and haven’t killed each other), all hell breaks loose. They fight AGAIN and then kiss. And then SRK stalks off, saying he can’t keep doing this.

        I’m not sure how to wrap this up now. I know Aish will suspect and maybe even push the two together and all 3 will becomes BFFs by the end, but how?


        • But, this is just Maddy and Shahrukh love story! The whole Vampire-Werewolf thing is barely there! I would pull it in more. Werewolf-Vampire blood fued can be SEXY.

          How about this? Shahrukh is an industrialist and Maddy is an independent investigative journalist. Maddy keeps digging into his past and company and stuff, and Shahrukh is irritated by this upstart investigator and starts digging in to HIS past. Lots of tense phone calls and verbal fencing and occasional intense eye’s meeting and stuff. Then they realize the other one is a Vampire/Werewolf and arrange a confrontation. Which turns into a fight. which is interrupted by a Human coming in. And then they call a truce and tend to each other’s wounds and talk honestly about their never ending lives and things like that. And then they start to fall in love. Which Shahrukh runs from by trying to get engaged to Aish and forget his forbidden love. But Maddy, in his werewolf way, keeps fighting through. Definitely want a dramatic moment when the Vampire gang is about to kill Maddy and Shahrukh suddenly dramatically changes sides. And Aish can maybe be the peacemaker, stop the fight and encourage Shahrukh and Maddy to admit their relationship.

          On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 6:01 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  1. Love the SRK – Deepika – Ranveer triangle. Deepika is definitely a vampire, but Ranveer should be a werewolf, the impossible love that shouldn’t work but is so much more alive and passionate than the cold vampire connection. (Also would love to see SRK and Ranveer face off onscreen.)


    • But I want SRK to find LOVE! Although I also really like the idea of him being passionately in love with arranged bride Dips, only unable to show it because it is not in his nature. And sensitive Dips responds to Ranveer’s passionate open wooing. In the end, SRK helps them run off together, showing that he is true love and just wants Dips to be happy.

      On Mon, Oct 11, 2021 at 5:13 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • That’s a nice ending. We could always give him his own vampire lover, a long time on again off again passionate affair over centuries. Tabu, definitely. Or a nice warm-blooded witch, Deborah Harkness style. Vidya?


        • Yes, I like that. At the start, they have an honest conversation about how this relationship has been on and off but never settled, and it makes him think he wants a nice young bride to take care of him. But at the end, he realizes he does love his on and off relationship in their own way, and it works for them.

          On Tue, Oct 12, 2021 at 11:41 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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