Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While My Immune System is Boosted!

Happy Saturday! I got my Moderna booster yesterday (woot!!!!), and then I have felt achey and icky all day today, and been sleeping off and on. Thus my very late Saturday Small Talk post.

Things to talk about!

DDLJ Broadway Show Possibly! Does anyone know anything about how Broadway Shows work? Because I don’t. Do you just announce it? Does he have to find a theater? Does he already have a theater? What are the chances of an out of town try out in Chicago or are they already past that stage?

Meenakshi whats’it trailer! It’s cute! But is it cute enough to watch? Eh, probably, on a friend movie night-night. Not good enough to watch on my own all focus-like.

Antim is announced for theatrical release! But I don’t want to go!!!!! I thought we had all agreed that Angie was in charge of all Aayush Sharma movies? Salman should know that and release it theatrically only in Italy and leave all of us free. Oh well, it’s Thanksgiving week, maybe I can tell Sallu I am busy with family and just can’t make it.

Oh, and Hum Do Humare Do looks marginally cuter than Meenakshi what’s it, definitely doing that for a friend movie night.


14 thoughts on “Saturday Small Talk: Chat Away While My Immune System is Boosted!

  1. I was going to ask you about Broadway, because I thought you’d know all about it! They’re already well into production it seems, with the crew on board. I honestly don’t know how to feel about this, is it a good or bad idea? Raj as a white guy? Hope it doesn’t turn into Bride & Prejudice.

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  2. `
    I saw the stage musical “Bombay Dreams” years ago and on paper it looks like it should be great. But, I thought it was terrible! It just seemed like a poor attempt at stereotypes.

    So, I’m nervous about “Come Fall in Love.”


  3. I have an issue with the Meenakshi movie trailer and I want to know if I am right. Not one character in that movie speaks in Tamil even though it is set in Madurai. I am finding it weird if not anything else. Like is it okay to do that?


    • I mixed. The CDC says you can do anything with j&j and it is effective. The place that could get me in ASAP had Moderna, so I did that.


  4. Do you know that there will be a Bunty aur Babli 2?
    Personally I’m happy Rani’s doing what looks like a more glamorous role. As she’s also been in the rut of acceptable roles for married women. I also missed Siddhant so I’m excited however I don’t really get what the story’s going to be.


  5. Nivin Pauly’s upcoming comedy trailer:

    I found this trailer strange, and it didn’t make me wanna watch this film, but OMG Nivin is so chubby and so cute. I watched the trailer twice just to stare at him.

    Radheshyam’s teaser. Wasn’t it supposed to be a simple romance? So what is this palmist’s stuff, collapsing lighthouse and blood? Or maybe I confused it with some other movie Prabhas is doing? He signed so many films and is working slow like a snail.


    • Thank you for keeping on top of these things! It’s too much for me. Also, I needed your help on Friday, I had a friend over and we watched an Alai Payathey song and I went “Oh! It’s my guy! Maddy!” And then I was completely unable to explain why he is such an immediately charming lovely soothing presence, espe cially as he has aged into a “Dad Bod”.

      On Sun, Oct 24, 2021 at 9:17 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Idk but Maddy just seems so nice. He is always very kind and charming even with people who don’t deserve it. Have you ever heard about him misbehave or something? I haven’t. IMO we feel safe when we look at him.

        P.S What do you thnk about chubby Nivin?


  6. Usually you don’t announce you’re going to Broadway until the theater dates are booked. This article had more info, looks like they have an opening run in San Francisco but no mention of a Broadway theater yet. Maybe they’re still negotiating or maybe they got ahead of themselves and Broadway is still aspirational or maybe there’s a theater committed but dates not nailed down yet. Anyway, seems like a fun challenge for Adi, could be good or terrible. I’ll honestly be surprised if it’s a huge hit.

    Meenakshi looks sweet, I would watch it.

    Just watched Death Becomes Her as our Halloween season family weekend movie choice. It’s one of those family entertainers that I saw way back when in the theater but it stuck with me and I’ve thought about it a lot over the years. It totally holds up – my kids were into it and they laughed at the funny bits. Now I think I get why it stuck with me. First of all the cast, it’s freaking Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn and Bruce Willis, with bit parts by Michael Caine and Isabella Rossellini. I don’t think I knew Meryl Streep was so funny? The three of them together are this crazy comedy trio. And it also gets at the cosmetic eternal youth culture in LA (and everywhere now, but especially in LA) and takes it to its illogical comic extreme. Plus great physical comedy bits. Anyway, recommended as a family Halloween movie, as long as no kids will be weirded out by the dying-not-dying and you don’t mind them seeing a couple of nude female bottoms.

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    • Oh! I have never seen Death Becomes Her, and my friend’s wife is out of town this week. This would be a good Halloween Week Girls Night movie, yes?

      Maybe it’s an Indian-English thing where “Broadway” is thought of as “category of stage show” and not “actual specific location in which to have a performance”?

      Thank you for doing the research for us! And it sounds like, yes, they are following the “start in a different city, then go to Broadway” policy. They COULD have chosen Chicago, but nooooooooooooooooo.


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