Shahrukh Month Discussion Post: What Sequel Do We Want to See? What Story Should Be Continued, What Ending Needs to Be Corrected, What Character Do We Want to See More Of?

Shahrukh Sequels! Which we have discussed a thousand times, so now I am going to add a twist and break it down into 3 categories.

What Story Should Be Continued

This is more of a “there are too many open questions, too many more places for it to go” sort of situation. And in that case, obviously, Don! All of Don 2 was to set up Don 3. Now he has a nemesis (Boman Irani), limitless funds, and freedom to do whatever he wants. What will he do????

Shah Rukh Khan's 'Don 3' to be last in the Don franchise? Read all the  details about the film here | Hindi Movie News - Times of India

What Ending Needs to Be Corrected

Jab Tak Hain Jaan! If it is a first half of a story, it’s really good. And then we can move on to the second half where Kat and SRK realize they have matured past their relationship etc. etc., and that’s a REALLY interesting movie.

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What Character Do We Want to See More Of?

Rizwan Khan! As America sinks into a worse and worse place in the years after we last saw Rizwan, I want to see what he does next, and what his wife does next. I want them to become foster parents, to organize refugee organizations, I want Kajol to run for local office, I want to see what happens with this unusual couple as they return to “normal” life after being changed by their experiences.

My Name Is Khan Shahrukh Khan | The Common Man Speaks

Okay, what are your picks for all 3 categories, or just one of them?


8 thoughts on “Shahrukh Month Discussion Post: What Sequel Do We Want to See? What Story Should Be Continued, What Ending Needs to Be Corrected, What Character Do We Want to See More Of?

  1. Story continued: Swades. All very nice that he decided to move back and live in the village, but what does that actually look like after a year or two or five? Everybody still getting along? No caste conflict, all the kids in school, Mohan happy being a small scale tinkerer?

    (Truly I would pick Billu for this category just to see them together again, but that seems too sad.)

    Ending corrected: so many options! Including One 2 ka 4, as we just saw, though that is maybe more than an ending issue. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I’d like an alternate second half of KHNH where Aman isn’t terminal, he is in fact married to the doctor, he does have a scary heart episode but she cures him and they make up, Preity and Saif still end up together but with less high melodrama and no death scene.

    More of a character: Kabir Khan. Kind of for the same reasons you picked Rizwan, also just because that’s such a great character, and there are many sides of his life that CDI left unexplored.


    • Oooo, I would love Swades to continue with the catalyst of another outsider arriving. Like, an ambitious young do gooding politician arrives and insults SRK as the idiot local, only to learn he is a brilliant former NASA scientist. And then other stuff happens that I don’t know. It might be kind of interesting to have a “my time in the village is over” story? Like, maybe the state has built a gorgeous new school with busses to bring all the kids over and this that and the other thing? And it ends with SRK deciding he should travel to a new village and help it?

      Having a storyline of an almost impossible romance, that ends with a whimper and a “no, this was a fantasy, real life is better” would be GREAT! I want to totally re-write KHNH now, make it more like KANK if they end up just having an almost affair and it makes their marriages stronger.

      Ooooo, YES Kabir Khan!!!! What happens after he has achieved his big goal? Does he get lost in life? Does he have a new goal in mind? What if he has a new goal, and fails? Ideally, he decides to marry the PERFECT fiancee, she turns him down, and instead he discovers love with a messy wrong option because life can’t be planned.


    • A big big yes to Aman not dying in KHNH! I would love to see that, but in my version there wouldn’t be doctor wife. Aman thinks he is dying, but is saved in the last minute thanks to heart transplantation. He doesn’t want to ruin Preity’s marriage so he doesn’t inform the family and friends. He tries to live far from Preity but is unable , and one day she sees him on the street. A lot of tension, long gazes and sexual energy later they have sex but both feel so guilty they decide to end it. Few years later Saif dies. Preity desperately seeks Aman and in the end they can finally be together.


  2. Huh, I agree with every movie you chose, even if I wouldn’t have intially chosen it. Don – it has been so many years, she is now married to a doofus, can’t he work with PC again without issue? Jab Tak Hain Jaan – the story never resolved the two totally different personalities that were supposed to be the same person. So bring them together, somehow, for longer, or maybe don’t make them so dramatically different. And yes, choose Anushka over Kat, or blow up that damn bridge on the final meeting because after all you just can’t tease God! My Name is Khan – I don’t know that I actually want to see it. I spent over an hour Saturday talking to someone who was in the midst of grief from their 37 year old son’s death in 2016. No one “gets over” a child’s death, but some continue to live life while others stop. It isn’t Rizwan I want to see, it is Kajol’s character. Just the two of them together, that’s not gonna cut it. Are they going to open up some sort of modern day orphanage? Do they adopt? What keeps them from the sink hole of depression?

    I also think K3G would be good for a sequel, Infinite plot possibilities and a strong cast.

    I would like a prequel to JHMS with Harry’s entrance into Canada moving towards becoming a European tour guide.


    • First of all, you should NOT watch MNIK. It would make you sad and angry. But I will tell you that the whole point of the movie is trying to deal with the grief of losing a child and in many ways that is handled very well. Kajol cuts herself off from everything soft and happy, including her husband who she loves, and focuses on finding the killers. And Shahrukh, exiled from his home, decides to make this right by convincing the world he is not a terrorist and his son should not have died just for having a Muslim last name. The ending on a personal level is just the couple coming back together and learning how to grieve together instead of separately. It’s not “happy”, but it is healthier and better than being isolated in their grief. I could easily see an ending that is about “we have to find a reason to keep going and it has to be something worthwhile”. So, like, mentoring troubled foster teens or starting a Peaceful Conflict Resolution foundation or something.

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