And So Ends Another SRK Day

Take down the decorations, blow out the candles, etc. etc. etc. Let one more year go by, wept, honored, and sung.

This has been a very peaceful SRK day for me. Not a happy one exactly. When I was little, I thought the point of special days was to make you happy. But you don’t magically become a different person just because it is Christmas, or your birthday, or the first day of summer vacation. They are just days that interact with who you are in the moment, make you more of that, mark a time and a place for you.

Last year’s SRK Day was right at the American election day. So I spent it huddled in my home, ignoring the world, clutching on to the things I could control and contain within myself. Today, I spent the day reaching out, telling my friends and coworkers about struggling with Grandpa dying, and then ending the day with a long Zoom call with friends talking about everything under the sun.

Obviously, it wasn’t just me that was having a different SRK Day. SRK himself has completely ignored his fans and community on this day, being simply a human person celebrating a birthday with his family. Last year, even under quarantine without a big party or anything else he still consciously responded to twitter messages and so on. This year, Salman’s message was the only one I saw, a simple “Happy birthday Bhai”. And, not coincidentally, Salman also released a “Happy Birthday Bhai” song from his movie on Shahrukh’s birthday. Clearly it was a long planned birthday treat for SRK, which is sweet. And after how Salman has stood by him like a mensch (I can say that even though I am not Jewish, right?) these past few weeks, Shahrukh deserves a real personal birthday wish from him and no one else.

So that’s SRK Day 2021. Quiet, peaceful, a little sad, but still special.


7 thoughts on “And So Ends Another SRK Day

  1. In a way I think we are honoring him best as an individual by having our own individual celebrations and not demanding anything from him. His family home with him and safe, his best Bhai (no matter what the outside world likes to imagine) had his back exactly as we imagined. He’s entitled to just chill and be.

    Margaret, thinking of you in this time of transition. Life is indeed full of difficult moments that we just have to float through, and it sounds like you are reaching for the support you need and being gentle with yourself. Hugs to you, friend.


  2. I always thought it was totally unfair that the stars had to basically work extra hard on their birthdays, so I should be thrilled that Shah Rukh took the day off. But instead I’m worried. I’m worried about his son, his family, and most of all him. I worry about his relationship to his country, his future in it, his feelings, his fears. I hope his drive gets him through. I’m keeping my fingers crossed his need to prove himself will keep him going. I didn’t worry when Zero flopped. I figured he was legitimately bummed, but I thought his two year hiatus was healthy. I wish I thought his silence was healthy. I will now read your poetry post and try and think happy thoughts.


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