HAPPY SHAHRUKH DAY!!!! How Are You Celebrating?

Happy Shahrukh Day! I am celebrating by working super hard to make up for being off yesterday/distract myself from Grandpa. And also distract myself from having to do a virtual party AGAIN!!!! I was gonna go in person this year, and then at the last minute I just couldn’t ethically do it. Too many friends with kids/elderly parents. Stupid kids and the elderly. Ruining my fun.

This really was a LAST minute cancellation, which means I had already ordered the famously enormous super rich chocolate cake from the local restaurant. So I get to eat lots and lots of cake! For, like, the next 3 weeks.

Also, I bought party favors a month ago in a burst of enthusiasm. So sometime this week I get to drive around dropping them off at people’s houses in the good old fashioned “no contact” way. Which I will choose to think of as a way of letting the celebration continue for several days instead of as a sad I NEVER GET TO SEE MY FRIENDS EVER AGAIN thing.

Anyway, I work work work until 5, then hop in the car to do curbside pick up of my cake, then come home and get cozy, then do a virtual watch of Dear Zindagi with my friends, then do a Zoom call with them all and say “Grandpa is dying! I am so depressed! Tell me cute kids stories!” So I guess I am a total hypocrite? I blame the children for making me cancel, and then use them to cheer myself up?

But Dear Zindagi is the perfect “I am depressed and filled with angst” movie, isn’t it? I was gonna do JHMS, for the feels, but Dear Zindagi is so much more of an “ahhh, I am doing everything right in my life and Shahrukh loves me and approves of me” moment.

Oh, also, I just found my enormous Veer-Zaara wall hanging when unpacking, so now I have the perfect table covering for under my cake:


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