Happy Diwali!!!!!

It’s Diwali!!!! And I am going to celebrate this year with my favorite Diwali songs and a discussion of the philosophy behind them!

“Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham”

This one is about how we honor Ram and Sita and Lakshman and the goodness they represent in both good times and bad times. It is about the ideal they serve for us, not just what they can do for us. Ram is always Ram whether he is ruling in Ayodha or living in the forest. An Eternal Concept.

“Pal Pal Hai Bhaari”

This is a song of Sita waiting for Ram. But the counter point that comes in is arguing that it is not enough just to wait to be rescued, you must find the Ram within your own heart, you most work towards your own salvation. Which is an argument some interpretations make about Sita, she had defeated Raavan already before Ram arrived with her steadfast goodness and stubbornness.

“Who’s That Knocking At My Door?”

The Sita Sings the Blues version! Which reminds us that this is a story of violence and war which we are celebrating, and brings with it the same moral ambiguity that violence always brings.


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