Saturday WatchAlong: K3G! For Diwali! 7:30am Chicago Time on Saturday

Get ready to slog your way through K3G again!!!!! Fun possible discussion point as the movie flows over us, how would each of the other characters arrange the murder of Amitabh and how would they get away with it? Obviously, Hrithik would challenge him to a dance off and make his heart explode.

K3G! Currently on Netflix! It’s freakishly long! It teaches us about Family Values! It makes us all unite in hating Amitabh!!!!!

Amitabh Bachchan's Memorable On-set Pictures With Wife Jaya Bachchan; See  Here

(Jaya would clearly kill him by strangling him with his tie)


10 thoughts on “Saturday WatchAlong: K3G! For Diwali! 7:30am Chicago Time on Saturday

  1. Yay!!

    Rahul will kill him by quitting the Raichand family business in 5 years to continue with his own thing he was doing for 10 years in London, handing the reins to Rohan.

    Pooja will just sass him to death.


  2. Slog our way through?! In the words of Stephanie Tanner, “How ruude!” Snarking our way through, I can understand. But let’s me real, I legitimately enjoy this movie.

    Pooja just had to continue to wear what she wears after marriage around Amitabh and he will force himself to die a quick death. But seriously, I worry about Amitabh in real life and hope he stays alive forever and ever!

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    • I always felt really bad for Pooja and Krish (Rahul and Anjali’s kid) at the end of the movie. How will they adjust to desi norms?! Pooja will feel constricted without the fashion sense that makes up so much of who she is and the poor kid will have to adjust to a whole new way of living.

      But I agree with you, Filmikudhi! K3G is a pleasure, not a slog!

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      • Those are legitimate concerns. I am hoping Pooja will never change. Even if she moves to India. She will just continue to break barriers and kick a$$. And given how much Poo is like Kareena in real life, I feel like we can have that hope.

        I do feel bad for Krish! But I’m hoping he is young enough and Amitabh learned his lesson by the end of the film, that Krish can grow up without all the “parampara.” Although with Krish, I worry about Kajol and the pressure she might put on him. Hopefully, SRK can balance her out.


        • Yes, I agree re: Pooja. And luckily, she’s rich and privileged enough that she may not always have to care about what others think. Worst comes to worst, she’ll move back to London.

          With Krish, I’m partly afraid of Amitabh, but also it’s such a huge culture shock to move to an entirely different living situation and country. Of course, we assume everyone moves back, but it may not actually be that, so maybe I’m overthinking it.

          And yes! I know Kajol means well and adores her son, but it’s a lot of pressure growing up to be the perfect Indian son. Hopefully Rahul can balance it out (he has experience in that area!), plus Kajol knows that she herself wasn’t the perfect Indian daughter either.

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          • Really good point about Kajol knowing that she wasn’t perfect. Also, I agree that Krish will definitely have a huge adjustment ahead of him. As someone who moved to the US in middle school, I can completely relate.

            Also, look at us already having such an awesome discussion about K3G and the movie hasn’t even started yet!!! Can’t wait to watch it tomorrow!

            Also, your comment on the Prodigal Daughter cracked me up. Hope the visit with the parents went well!


  3. So even though this show will start at 5:30 AM my time, I’ll have to miss the last half hour to get my kids to sporting events because the movie is THAT LONG! But it is all worth it, and the last half hour is my least favorite anyway.


    • Awww, but then you miss out the grand “BUT YOU TOTALLY SAID THAT!!! YOU TOTALLY SAID YOU DIDN’T LOVE HIM AND ORDERED HIM TO LEAVE!!!!” yelling at the screen tradition!

      On Fri, Nov 5, 2021 at 10:05 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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