Christmas GiveAway Announcement and Week 1 Winner!!!!! Congratulations FilmiKudhi!!! 141 Comments!!!!

Yes, we are DOING the GiveAway!!!! Because it is November, by golly. We do Shahrukh month, then we do Christmas GiveAway, then we do Annual Awards, and then we do Valentines Day. And thus we all survive Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Christmas GiveAway Rules!!!! Whoever makes the most comments each week gets a special custom made Christmas card from me. And you can only win once, so if FilmiKudhi is the top again next week, I will skip her and move on to the next most commentating commentator.

Pro tips: Attending WatchAlongs shoots you right to the top! It’s not even close. But also, don’t worry about it, because I only have like 10 regular commentators so by the end of the 8 week period, you will have had a chance to win.

Every Sunday I will reveal the card I sent the previous week along with announcing the new winner! This week, since it is the first week, instead I will put up a photo of the card I gave FilmiKudhi last year, and the year before last:

Oh dear, I forgot how good the last cards were. It’s gonna be a real challenge to top them this year!!!


12 thoughts on “Christmas GiveAway Announcement and Week 1 Winner!!!!! Congratulations FilmiKudhi!!! 141 Comments!!!!

  1. What a pleasant surprise!!! Thank you!

    As a return gift, I’m going to do everyone a solid and give tips on Sooryavanshi. Do not watch it in theaters, because then it’s impossible to fast forward. When it comes to a streaming platform, I recommend fast forwarding to the scene when Simmba (Ranveer) enters the scene (I’m guessing it is the last 30 minutes or so) and just watching from then on. Ranveer has the best lines in the movie and is hilarious. We were laughing out loud once he came on screen. But it is not worth watching the rest of the movie just to get to that. The rest of the movie is TERRIBLE! It is preachy, jingoistic, islamaphonic, sexist nonsense! I am going to go watch Amar Akbar Anthony to cleanse my palate after this.

    Oh and the song Tip Tip Barsa Paani is especially creepy because Akshay is surprising Katrina for their anniversary by taking her to this abandoned theme park. That’s creepy in itself but that’s not the creepiest part. His fellow officers are there to set everything up. They even mention all being there. So the scene where Akshay and Katrina are then having sex in the car is super creepy because it is unclear whether the officers are still there watching or not. It’s all very uncomfortable!!!

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      • Yes! Sorry about the lack of clarity. I was typing in the parking lot on my phone. Just watch the last 30 minutes or so (when Ranveer comes on screen). Once it comes on a streaming platform, I’ll post an update with the exact time marker.


        • Hmm! I have a date witha friend to see it tomorrow, maybe we change and stay home and watch one of the new rom-coms on streaming instead?

          On Sun, Nov 7, 2021 at 8:29 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • If you decide to go, maybe your expectations will be so low that you will end up enjoying it. Or at least not hating it. Or maybe the last bit with Ranveer and Ajay Devgan will make up for the rest of the nonsense.

            I think you’ll like Katrina’s character in it. And I do think you’ll enjoy the Ranveer/Ajay bits.

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          • Margaret you should definitely see it because your negative reviews are some of my favorites! If it is bad, I want to know just HOW bad it is.

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        • Thanks Filmikudhi! Was planning to just watch the Ranveer part anyway, so good to know when it is!

          And congratulations on your achievement!


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