Discussion Post: What Celebrity Do You Somehow Not Like as a Person? Not Their Politics or Performances, Just the Personality as you Sense It?

I was soooooooooooo happy yesterday to discover that everyone else also had that creepy bad-liberal vibe from Kamal Haasan. And now I am curious about what other celebrities have given us a similar icky feeling just from interviews and things, not politics or police cases or performances.

Taking Kangana off the table. She used to be in this category for me, and I would have loved a chance to say “does anyone else get kind of a strange vibe from her?”, but now she is way WAY past that line and there’s no point in even discussing it.

I’m looking for more sort of in between people. Where you aren’t sure if you are imagining it or not, but it bugs you.

Ranbir Kapoor: I don’t think he is a sociopath or an abuser or anything like that. But I think he has bought into his own hype, both as an actor and before that as “the beloved perfect grandson of the Kapoor Khandaan”. I think he will always think of himself first and everyone else second. And I think he is the classic self-pitying fragile male who sees any time that life isn’t exactly like he likes it as a Great Injustice instead of just Life.

Ranbir Kapoor filmography - Wikipedia

Saif Ali Khan: I actually like Saif! I think he is a super super good actor, I think he works hard, I think he is honest about his personal struggles, and I think he is trying to be a good husband/father/brother/person. But I know some of you don’t like him in that vague “personality, but I wouldn’t put him in jail or anything” kind of way. Tell me about it!

Saif Ali Khan - Wikipedia

Nawazuddin Siddiqui: There were a couple of scummy stories and scummy quotes about him that came out that made me feel like he doesn’t respect women, especially actresses. That he is quick to blame women for being “too sexy” or something. Basically, that he is a little old-fashioned and unforgiving in how he sees gender roles. On the other hand, I like that he works hard and takes lots of roles and doesn’t seem to be buying into his own hype as much as he could.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui to undergo physical transformation for the biopic of a  customs officer : Bollywood News - Bollywood Hungama

Shahid Kapoor: I think he is a phenomenal actor who is way WAY undervalued, and I will watch him in basically anything. On the other hand, marrying a woman 12 years younger than you through an arranged marriage and something about how lovey dovey and perfect they are together, and the babies right away, it BUGS me! And I can’t explain why. Can one of you explain why to me?

On Shahid Kapoor-Mira Rajput's 5th wedding anniversary, revisiting their  cute love story with 10 romantic pics | Bollywood - Hindustan Times

Priyanka Chopra: Filmikudhi likes her. Just getting that out there right now, so we can all point and SHAME her (Filmikudhi that is). But yes, PC is also on my bad list. I think we can all agree she is the most aggressive Indian star in terms of publicity hounding, which sometimes I find amusing, but often I find infuriating when it harms others and/or the public perception of desi women.

Priyanka Chopra's Photoshoot for Nikon, June 2013 - Photos - Funrahi

Dulquer Salmaan: This is a bit of a deep cut southern reference. But he bothers me in a way similar to Ranbir Kapoor. I read a comment about Gwyneth Paltrow once years ago which is appropriate to this, “born on first and thinks he made a home run”. Dulquer gets SO many opportunities! And every time it is treated like he made it on talent alone and blah blah blah. And Dulquer doesn’t correct people, he just goes along with it, “yes, I got all these opportunities and so on based on talent”. Bothers me.

18 pictures and videos that will take you inside Mammootty and Dulquer  Salmaan's luxurious Kochi villa | GQ India

Okay, that’s all I can think of! And yes, I will be putting up the opposite post of “people I inexplicably like” (Sid M!). But for now, let us all be joined by hate.


32 thoughts on “Discussion Post: What Celebrity Do You Somehow Not Like as a Person? Not Their Politics or Performances, Just the Personality as you Sense It?

  1. Ha! Your PC blub made me laugh. But yes, I do like her. And on the opposite end, everyone knows that I do not like Ranbir so I don’t think I need to go into that.

    But, I cam discuss Shahid. Again, like Kamal Hasan, my issue with Shahid has mostly to do with his personal life. Everyone thinks of him as the “good boy” of bollywood. He is vegetarian, he doesn’t drink, he works hard. He iis a shy and respectful guy. All good. Perfect golden boy. And yet, every single woman who has dated him has had to change for him. Kareena became vegetatian and wouldn’t drink alcohol, but only during the time she was with him. And more importantly like many people that all of a sudden think they are doing something good and healthy, she started becoming preachy about it. Karan makes fun of her Shahid phase a lot. He dates these strong women only to have these women mold themselves to his lifestyle and personality. And then, at the end, the “industry” women were too much for him. He wanted to marry a “sanskari” Indian girl, so he married a barely legal college student his parents arranged. UGH.

    He is a good actor and I still enjoy many of his movies. But something about him as a person makes me go “Umm no. Stay away!”


    • I think PC is draw droppingly gorgeous, but in too many of her movies she is like the water sliding over everyone else’s oil. The SRK affair doesn’t help.

      Is it Shahid you guys don’t like or the fact that his existence justifies arranged marriages? Mind you he isn’t my favorite actor, though I did like him in Jab We Met.

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      • I don’t like Shahid. I don’t have anything against arranged marrianges. Especially nowadays, where in most families arranged marriages are parents setting their kids up and then the kids usually decide if it is the right fit. Or atleast that has been my experiance with my parents having had an arranged marriange and having other family and friends who are in arranged marriages. I also think Mira had the ultimate choice on whether to marry him or not even if it was an arranged marriage.

        I don’t like him as a person because women describe him as “dominating” or “control freak.” And women in relationships with him change drastically while they are with him. Anytime I see someone change that much in a relationship, it raises HUGE red flags for me. Also, to me, he has the mentality of an man who dates women who are strong to get them to mold to him but also doesn’t think they are good enough to be his wife. He needs a wife that is young and maleable. Someone who is not corrupted by the Bollywood industry. Who is willing to stay at home and take care of his kids. Everything about him makes my Spidey senses tingle and gives me the vibe of a stereotypical, regressive male attitude, which makes me very weary and uncomfortable.

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    • Yaaaaaaaaay, it’s not just me! Shahid is icky not because of his arranged marriage, but because of the context of it being in the middle of all these other odd overly controlling relationships.

      On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 11:10 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:


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  2. I agree with all your choices except Dulquer.

    My turn:
    Kareena Kapoor – I think she is mean. But the worst is that she’s proud of being umpleasant, assuming and a gossip queen.

    Sooraj Pancholi – I’m sure I never heard a good thing about this man.


    • I don’t like Kareena Kapoor too! I don’t even know that she is mean, I just DON’T like her. And I don’t like her sister! But at least I have reasons for not liking Karisma Kapoor, I think she is boring without a lot of on screen presence. But I’ll admit Kareena has the on screen presence, but I don’t like her, and I can’t really say why.

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      • Also on the shallow note, I don’t understand why people call Kareena and Karisma beautiful. They are not, especially Karisma (I admit, she has style and beautiful skin, but for me she looks like a rom-com heroine before a makeover)


    • imo Kareena is SO overrated!! Seems down to earth, but I haven’t seen a good performance from her, aside from Poo. I don’t know why half of the Indian diaspora worships the ground she walks on.


  3. I don’t like Rani. I try to. I admit she is sexy, I admit she is not a bad actress. I kinda started liking her by the end of Aiyyaa, but that appreciate didn’t hold over to the next time I saw her onscreen. I am positive that if I were in a room with her we would have nothing to say to each other, and maybe that is why I don’t like her?


      • I don’t actively dislike Karisma, but I don’t like her. I do actively dislike Kareena, like I just don’t like her face or something. And with Rani, again I really try to like her. Sometimes I think I dislike her more because I try so hard not to.


    • I mean, she also has a kid, so you could talk about that? But I get what you mean. She seems to think about religion, movies, and her family and nothing else. She’s very good at her job and very dedicated to it, but not much else besides that.

      On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 12:35 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • In my imagination I could hang with Kajol, I probably wouldn’t even have to say anything, she would do all the talking. I’m pretty sure I could talk to Juhi or Anushka Sharma about anything. I might not be able to have a conversation with Kat, but she probably wouldn’t mind the silence. I don’t know what I would talk about with Sonam, but I’m pretty sure I could ask her question and she would answer them. I suspect that Rani would give one word answers to questions.


  4. Ignoring film roles and politics, I’ll have to go with Shahid, Ranveer and PC.

    I feel Shahid nowadays comes across as smug and takes himself too seriously as an ‘actor’. Like everyone should respect him because he is a serious actor now. And he tends to look down on his earlier ‘good boy’ roles, ugh!

    Ever since his debut, to me Ranveer comes across as what we call a ‘chhichhora’ in Hindi, I can’t help it! He’s a good actor, I’ve no problem buying him as different characters, but offscreen I just roll my eyes! And that personality he puts on is just exhausting after a while. In group interviews and stuff, his over-enthusiasm about everything, tendency to dominate and take over everyone’s answers, even when it’s not about him, is just annoying.

    PC – pretty much all the reasons you mentioned. 

    I can watch their older films without hesitating, but now when they come up with something new, I have to decide based on other factors whether I want to see it or not.


    • I used to feel the same way about Ranveer, but then I switched around after I read a few print interviews where he was smarter and quieter and all that. I think he definitely puts on a Ranveer SHOW when he is on camera, whether for film or interview. I agree, it is exhausting and I wouldn’t like it in real life, but I have decided that isn’t the “real” Ranveer at all.

      On Tue, Nov 9, 2021 at 1:44 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  5. I don’t really follow behind the scenes content, so I don’t have much to base an assessment of character on.

    Except with Nawazzuddin, who I saw at a festival before he was famous. And he was such a shy, tiny, average guy that he remind me more of a street vendor in Hyderabad than the Indians I’ve met in Europe. You wouldn’t expect that kind of person to be a paragon of liberal awareness, but I fin myself affording them a lot of leniency, blaming society more than the individual.

    And poor Ranbir. It doesn’t even go as deep as a feeling for his personality with him – I just don’t like his face.


    • Ha! I can’t stand Ranbir’s face either. It’s so superficial but I feel like he just has such a dumb look on his face. Something about it makes me think of Nicolas Cage who I also think has a dumb looking face.


  6. I don’t like/dislike Shahid Kapoor but I like that he didn’t shy away from the fact that his is an arranged marriage. I personally feel quite a few marriages in Bollywood are more “arranged” than “love”, only they don’t want to admit it to the public.


    • Agree! That is definitely a small vital point I appreciate about Shahid. If you do it, don’t be ashamed of it, and don’t lie to yourself and the world.


  7. And I never liked PC, but Priyanka Chopra post Nick Jonas may be growing on me. She seems to have quietened down, and at least here in India, I am not too aware of PR shenanigans.


  8. How I could forget about Anaya Pandey? It was dislike at the first sight and the more I know about her the more I hate her. It’s not about nepotism, because I like many star kids (e.g Shraddha Kapoor, I adore her because she’s such a nice person, and also gorgeous ; or my fav Arjun Kapoor, or Sara Ali Khan).
    I dislike Anaya because I think she is very fake, desperate and doesn’t have nice personality or better: I think she doesn’t have personality at all. She is just doing “copy-paste” of whatever other actresses do, without adding something from her. E.g her Ganesh Chaturthi photos. I only saw those pics because I follow Filmfare and they were posting pictures of every star. All the photos are very similar – smiling actors/ actresses with family and Ganesh’s idol. Anaya’s pics are alike but she looks so desperate to look sanskari, like you see she is doing it only for instagram.


  9. I agree about Ranbir!

    I don’t know if he still does this but I really dislike Ranveer because he seems to always act as if he’s a total outsider to the film industry that struggled a lot. I’m sure he did struggle to get in but he always fails to mention that he’s a rich kid from Mumbai who’s uncle is Anil Kapoor.


  10. I’ve already written about my irrational hatred of Emraan Hashmi, although I know he’s probably a totally nice person and his kid had cancer and I actually feel so guilty about my irrational hatred that I watched Bard of Blood in its entirety.

    I also dislike PC but I don’t feel super bad about it.

    I used to dislike Katrina, but I’ve gotten over it. She knows her strengths and weaknesses and stays in her lane. All the best to her and Vicky.


  11. Your description of Dulquer perfectly encapsulates how I feel about Sonam Kapoor. I think she’s gorgeous and has a couple of cute little movies. But she thinks she’s way more talented than she is and is physically unable to recognize her own privilege. I can’t watch her interviews anymore, she just grates me.

    And I like PC. I understand why so many people have problems with her, and maybe it’s personal bias because I’ve been a Nick Jonas fan for years, but if he loves her so much, she can’t be all bad.


  12. Reading this post today. I immensely dislike Shahid Kapoor. I was watching an old awards function and he was performing and I couldn’t stand to watch it. I realized i dislike him since post Kareena breakup. I do not like his aura.

    I dislike PC, all the reasons mentioned.
    I don’t like Rani much these days when I watch old performances or interviews.

    I’ve never liked Ranbir. I can’t get why Alia would marry him, have a child with him or why everyone seemed to be saying for the longest time that he’s the best actor. Nothing about his work or personality has ever appealed to me or touched me in any way.

    There’s a while group of actors who are everywhere right wing in their actions and I dislike them but won’t mention them because you said to keep politics aside.

    I never liked Aishwarya Rai. I felt her acting was about pouting and posing all the time, dislike.


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