Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to This Bleak Wednesday!

Happy (?) Wednesday! My Grandpa is hitting a long low slow really bad patch in his dying process, and it’s overcast and yucky, and my allergies are exploding. EVERYTHING IS HORRIBLE!!! Thank goodness I am buying a Christmas tree this Saturday.

I’ll start!

Reading: Started the podcast “The Thing About Helen and Olga”, already re-writing it in my head as a Hindi movie with Kirron Kher and Sharmila Tagore. Or, even better, Helen and Waheeda Rahman.

Watching: I watched two really good non-Indian movies. Smoke Signals for my church movie discussion group, which is still AWESOME. And if you ever want to see an American Indian movie, this is the one to watch. And then I watched King of Comedy, which is terrifying, and also sooooooooooooooooo much about Kangana.

Thinking: On the one hand, I need Christmas stuff to cheer me up. On the other hand, it just feels like too much energy to get it up. There’s gotta be a middle ground, right? Where I get the joy of the decorations, without losing the joy because it’s so much work? I guess I just put up decorations until I run out of energy and then let myself stop for the day and enjoy what little I have done.

Listening: I’ve decided for Friend Movie Night tonight we are doing Student of the Year. Because it is PURE HAPPY.

Okay, question for you!

What is your pure happiness song?


17 thoughts on “Wednesday Watching Post: What Are You Reading and Watching and Thinking and Listening to This Bleak Wednesday!

  1. Watching: Currently watching Om Shanti Om for some good time! Never fails to make me happy!

    Reading: Boring school stuff. But also the YA novel ‘Cinderella is Dead’ – I haven’t finished it but it is a good twist to the Cinderella story and also it’s very gay. 😀

    Thinking: How to get enough school stuff finished before the winter holidays start. We don’t have midterms or that kind in the Uni I’m in so I count myself lucky in that.

    Pure Happy songs for me are either Om Shanti Om songs or Kabhi Haan Kabhi Naa songs. Just that bright colours and fun that makes it all the happier!


  2. It’s also not the best time for me – my health anxiety returned twice as hard and I’m so tired dealing with it. Also the weather is still awful and I can’t travel and go somewhere to chill and pass some nice time. Hope the sun will came back soon 🙂 In the meantime I try to relax doing cross stitch (I haven’t cross stitched since covid started) and watching movies. This week I only finished one because it was so boring but also because Zee5 is the worst.
    The movie is Carry On Maratha and it’s terrible. I only finished it because I had it on my watchlist forever. It’s about Marathi man who “falls in love” with Kannada girl. The girl is the most annoying heroine ever. She treats the hero badly because she thinks he is a driver, and even asks people why they treat him with respect if he is only a simple worker. Obviously once she discovers he is the owner of the buisness her attitude changes. But there is still 0 chemistry or love. None of them feel in love or thinks much about the other one. If not because of one family member who convinced the hero he’s in love there wouldn’t be any love story (it would be better for all of us!). Now the hero believes he loves her and comes to her house. She is like: WTF I’m preparing my engagment here, don’t want to see you again. She even wants to marry earlier, but then the twist – she discovers her sweet fiancé organizes some strange sheesha parties with white girls in his basement. The discovery makes her realize she loves our hero after all. Then there are other 50 ridiculous twists nobody cares about (e.g the man she belived her father is not her father but his twin brother a.k.a her uncle, and he is evil but then he isn’t).
    The only good thing in this film (and the reason I watched it) is Gashmeer Mahajani. He is gorgeous and acts well. I really don’t understand why he isn’t a big star in hindi. Here is the trailer if somebody wants to see Gashmeer:


  3. This week I have a conference on British time, so I’m getting up at 3:00 a.m. every day, getting basically incoherent by early afternoon, and watching nothing. BUT my girlfirend and I did decide to splurge on this online film festival for a couple weeks from now: It’s $36 for eleven films and I wasn’t certain I wanted to spend that much, but she won me over by showing me the trailer for “Mish Mish”:

    It’s a documentary about the Egyptian-Jewish family of animators who originated the “Mish Mish” character, which I have heard of from other Egyptians but never actually seen “in action.” Apparently the family were able to take a number of their films with them when they fled to France and they have been restored, which is astonishing by the standards of Egyptian Jews (most of whom had to leave the country with one suitcase per household). I’m not certain if it’s slang or a real word, but “Mish Mish” is also a very cute name as it makes me think of the phrase “filmishmish,” which is kind of like “if wishes had horses” in Arabic. Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to that one.

    Oh, and for a pure happiness song I was going to pick something vaguely classy like “Khilte Hain Gul Yahan” or “Ghoonghat Ki Aad Se”–but then, partway through typing it, I remembered about the existence of “Aao Twist Karen” from “Bhoot Bungla,” which is almost mindbogglingly happy:

    When Mehmood asks so nicely, how could you NOT twist?!


  4. I started “Somewhere Only We Know” by Maurene Goo and I can’t decide if I should finish it or not. It’s about a K-pop star who impulsively goes undercover to spend a day out on the town and be free from her responsibilities and stuff. The problem is, the guy she’s spending the day with is an undercover paparazzi man who, when he realizes who she is, decides to spend the day with her so he can ask her deep questions and secretly take pictures of her and ultimately publish a story about her and make a ton of money. She doesn’t know he knows who she is, and I’m getting the vibe that if he goes through with it, it could be really damaging to her career. And it’s supposed to be a love story. I’m rooting for the female main character, but I don’t think this sleaze will be redeemable in the end. Can’t decide.

    I am showing my dad Andhadhun later today. I am almost certain he will like it. If he doesn’t I will be sad. I will try to report back later.

    I have SO MANY pure happiness songs! Radha, both the JHMS and SOTY versions. the BKD title track. Aankh Marey. I could go on.


  5. Margaret, have you seen 2020’s Emma? I watched it yesterday and it was sweet and lovely. Being honest I had my expectations low, but the movie quickly won me over, and in the end I was all “aaawwwww”. Recommended if you ned something pretty and cute.


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