Upcoming Movie News: Ranbir Has a Bad Idea, Bob Biswas Looks GREAT, Nani-Sai Pallavi Movie Trailer!

Okay, two good movies and one bad, that’s a fair trade off. I can live with that.

Ranbir Working with Arjun Reddy Director? BAD IDEA!!!

Gonna say again, I like Arjun Reddy/Kabir Singh. I think they are brilliant explorations of toxic masculinity in which the hero is ultimately punished for all his bad behavior/we see that our assumptions about the heroine are wrong on many levels. But it is a TIGHTROPE. If it goes just a hair in either direction, it turns into a violent mysagonist (sp?) or a boring narcissist.

Now, who here thinks that Ranbir Kapoor is the lead actor to take on the challenge of a role that shouldn’t be mysoganistic or narcissist? No one? THAT’S WHAT I THOUGHT!!! So why is he signing on to work with the Arjun Reddy director? UGH! I will HATE this movie SO MUCH!!!

Bob Biswas Trailer!

In happier news, Abhishek’s Bob Biswas trailer just dropped and it looks GREAT!!! We were all wondering how it would work, and now we know. Amnesia! The same dangerous quiet soft character, only now he is trying to figure out what is real and fake and has a second chance at life in many ways. Plus, great role for Abhishek, the kind of super artistic challenging stuff he was looking for. I just wish it wasn’t on gosh darn stupid Zee5!

And then the good news! Nani and Sai Pallavi are coming together for a movie! Don’t care what it is, will see them in anything. And also, this teaser looks kind of awesome.


13 thoughts on “Upcoming Movie News: Ranbir Has a Bad Idea, Bob Biswas Looks GREAT, Nani-Sai Pallavi Movie Trailer!

  1. Well, I wasn’t planning on watching any of Ranbir’s films anyway and this seems like it’s made to just be the one I hope will flop greatly or something like that. But knowing his fanbase and the “critics” seems too much to ask. Oh well, one can hope his character is so loathsome that everyone will just not like him after this movie. Maybe this movie could be the wake-up call for some people to stop worshipping at Ranbir’s feet. (fingers crossed)

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  2. So, here is what is interesting to me. Ranbir signed up for Sandeep Reddy Vanga’s movie and is also supposedly going to star in Luv Ranjan next movie. I am intrigued by both movies but mainly because of the directors. Both are accused of being misogynistic, both can be seen exploring toxic masculinity. Yet, personally, I think the directors are diametrically opposite from each other. I don’t find Luv Ranjan or his movies toxic. As a person, he has also worked with women from small towns like Nushrat and given them a platform. In movies, he shows flawed women but women ALWAYS have agency in this movie and if they don’t have agency it is to show how agency can be taken away by men, parents, etc. I don’t know if Ranbir gets that about Luv Ranjan or would be able to portray that nuance. But I think I trust Luv Ranjan and I am curious to watch his new movie with Ranbir. But, your argument holds in that because the male character is played by Ranbir (as opposed to Karthik or ANYONE else) am I as an audiance going to be able to get past the surface and see the movie for what it is? Will Luv bring out Ranbir’s natrual narcissictic and misogynistic tendencies so the audiance sees the flaws in the character? Am I going to be able to see the agency in the female characters?

    On the other hand, I have no faith in Sandeep Reddy Venga. SRV will have to make more movies and prove me wrong, but for now, I suspect he is like Ram Gopal Varma. He can have moments of cinematic brilliance but overall he is just a creepy, sexist weirdo. So, Ranbir’s personality in SRV’s hands sounds like a terrible, horrible idea, where they both feed off of each other’s narcissicm and misogyny. I will have to wait for you and others to watch it before I subject myself to that.

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    • For one second I thought: Maybe Ranbir and SRV will make a movie that bad nobody will be able to defend it. But then: Who I’m kidding, his fans only wait for that kind of films.
      But if we are lucky they will never finish this film. A Ranbir movie with the date booked 2 years in advance? Good luck with it 😉

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    • YES! Luv Ranjan does such great things with man-woman stories. And Ajay Devgan, for instance, totally got it in his character. He played Ajay, but an Ajay who was too bored and mature to get upset about gender roles. He found a way to make the character and film work with him. But Ranbir, can Ranbir understand what it is to laugh at yourself? For being a man?

      On Fri, Nov 19, 2021 at 12:42 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • Yes! De De Pyar De was so good and Ajay was so interesting in it. But can that work with Ranbir? I know we keep asking each other questions but not providing any answers because I just don’t have any faith in Ranbir. But I am curious about Ranbir-Luv movie. I will likely watch that one right away.


  3. Wait, I need more context for the Sai-Nani movie. Is Nani playing another writer character in a movie with a feminist storyline that happens to be named for him and holds him up as the savior and hero? Was Shyam Singha Roy a real person? Sai looks gorgeous though.

    I give up hope of ever seeing movies released on Zee5. But good for Abhishek.

    Ranbir blech. Not sure what it would take to make me want to see one of his new movies.


    • I have very little context to give you! It’s a reincarnation story, but we could get that from the trailer. Does not seem to be a real person. Oh, and maybe there are two heroines? Sai Pallavi and Madonna Sebastian.

      On Fri, Nov 19, 2021 at 7:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



  4. Well for me the most interesting thing would be the critics and so called intellectual audience reaction to it cz they somehow tend to hate Vanga and love ranbir irrationally both of which seems illogical to me. I m just curious to know how the critics and his fans n wannabe intellectual Indian audience would defend the character this time cz I know Sandeep is not a director who plays it safe, he will show what he want to show irrespective of everything which I really like. He is honest in his portrayal of his characters. And he is a competent director. It will also be interesting to know how Bollywood fraternity would react on this movie cz comeon Bollywood loves ranbir n hate Vanga. So it’s going to be interesting on screen as well as off screen. But I just didn’t want him to cast ranbir. He is not a director who need support of a famous actor n his fanclub to show his talent. So why can’t another hero, Vanga, you know someone new like what Vijay was at the time of Arjun Reddy. Taking ranbir in it will also hinder the real reaction of his movie since ranbir fans n critics would try to protect his character . I don’t want anyone to protect vanga’s character. I want Vanga to say this is my genre , my story , you wanna see then see otherwise fuck off. Moreover if the movie do turn out to be interesting and good, everyone will give credit to ranbir, not to vanga. They will say like ranbir can make even Vanga look palatable, which I would hate, you know taking a directors credit. Also its important for directors to not resort to what audience wanna see, they should be true to their craft only, then only there will be progress in our cinema. Also irrespective of how much we all find ranbir misogynistic n narcissist in real life, we must keep that aside while watching him act, I guess .

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  5. I do not like the Bob Biswas trailer…the original actor was iconic…and AB can’t match him…oh and the inconsistent accent pisses me off… it’s Bengali for a few key phrases and then just switches to AB’s regular accent for everything else?!? If you think the original actor wasn’t viable enough for a whole movie…if you didn’t have faith in the story and character then just don’t make the movie…don’t replace him.


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