FINALLY! Your typical arty pretty instagram shots that don’t show the clothes, but at least it’s SOMETHING.

Kat’s instagram:

Vicky’s. Appropriate that they used the same message, but also BORING! I want PERSONALITY:

Most important, we now have confirmation that Vicky is taller than her. PHEW! Makes the wedding photos so much cuter.


23 thoughts on “VICKAT WEDDING PHOTOS!!!!!

  1. Yaaay finally!! I was getting tired of avoiding all the ludicrous articles that kept coming out in place of concrete news. They look so happy! And I love that there’s one photo that’s different in each of their posts, makes me think they individually chose the photos.

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  2. I want more shots of the clothes. Also, disappointed he’s taller, I wanted him to be short. But then I want all men to be short (Christopher Lee and Vincent Price are the only men who are allowed to be tall).


    • I was feeling the same! Why do all these Sabyasachi aesthetics look so similar? India has so much diversity in terms of bridal attires, plus these women also have different backgrounds. I too think Anushka’s look was the best, that pink theme was gorgeous, it’s still fresh in my mind!


  3. I am so overjoyed by this news and these photos. My friend sent them to me while I was at work, where I have horrible wifi, and I was refreshing constantly on my lunch break trying to get them to load. I’ve had a horrible week, so this was really a highlight. They both look so good, even if it’s standard bridal wear, there’s nothing wrong with that. Kat truly deserves the best, and I think Vicky is it. So happy for them.

    Also, memes and fanvids.

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  4. Popka, Popka, Popka! Please explain your thing with short men. What exctly is a short face?

    And why Vikat? It sounds like some kind of kind of drug (Ears ringing? Take a Vikat.) Or a British peerage (The Vikat Featherstone’s boat sank.)

    Why not Viktrina?


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