Do You Want a Christmas Card? Give Me Your Address Here!!!!

Yes, it’s time for the annual Christmas Card Everyone is a Winner post!!!! Most of my regular readers, who already gave me addresses in the past, already have a card heading their way (or have recieved it). But if you aren’t on my list already, or if you want to be really REALLY sure you get a card, put your address below!

Just fill in the form below, it’s confidential (only I see it), and you can give me your address which I will take as permission to mail you a nice card. Those of you who have already received it can confirm for the people, it is a VERY nice card.


6 thoughts on “Do You Want a Christmas Card? Give Me Your Address Here!!!!

  1. Can I just say Margaret that this is extremely kind of you — as always? Your writing has brought so much joy into my life (I’m expecting a baby very soon!), I should be sending you a physical gesture of thank you and happiness … which I will refrain from given I’m a total stranger to you from the web!! But please do know that I’m ever so grateful to you and keep you in my thoughts and prayers and that reading your words is an every day ritual of my life.

    Also – thank you so much for the Ngaio Marsh recommendation! Her books (thanks to you!) basically carried me through much of the pregnancy that I’m almost sure that Scotland Yard is subliminally in my baby’s brain already (as are you 😀).


    • Awwww, this is such a sweet message! Now I really want to send you a card! Put your address above and I will shoot it right off.

      Also, good luck with the baby! This is the 3rd DCIB baby of the past few months, after Eva’s and Filmikudhi’s. Good year for babies!!!!!

      On Fri, Dec 17, 2021 at 6:25 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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