Saturday Morning WatchAlong: Miracle on 34th Street! 8am Chicago Time!!!

Woot! I’m awake! Sort of! I will be making myself coffee in the middle this for sure.

Miracle on 34th Street! Make sure you get the original good black and white version, not that 90s nonsense. It’s on HBOMax if you have it, or you can rent it on youtube.

At 8am I will put up a “and PLAY” comment and we will go along from there. CHRISTMASSY!


133 thoughts on “Saturday Morning WatchAlong: Miracle on 34th Street! 8am Chicago Time!!!

  1. Have you caught yet that the real doctors, the ones who are doctor-doctors, are good psychologists? It’s just stupid Mr. Sawyer who is an armchair psychologist who is bad. I can get behind that message

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  2. I don’t think there was a Mr. Fields at Marshall Fields, because the heir was shot inside the Everleigh sister’s brothel. CHICAGO! A REAL CITY!!!


        • He is going to be taught about Santa. My MIL did a really nice job explaining Santa and the spirit of Christmas to my husband. So we will do the same.


          • My parents hadn’t decided yet, and then my sister came home from pre-school and told them all about Santa, so they just went with it. I always heard that story and thought “you had 3 years and you never thought to make a decision on this?” It’s a lot of responsibility on a little girl!


    • I don’t like it! ANd now they are having a couples fight without any actual couplehood. They do fight better than they love though.


  3. Do you think Maureen OHara is wearing all black outfits, or are they all in fabulous different colors only we can’t see in the black and white?


  4. Ready for a horrible HORRIBLE story that none of you parents should ever do? My aunt was remembering a few years back that when she was 7 years old, and her little sister was 4, and her little brother was 1, her parents took her out all by herself for the day and sat her down and said “we have to tell you the truth, there is no Santa Claus. Don’t let your siblings know”. And Grandpa didn’t even remember doing it! His best guess was that Grandma read an article somewhere about being honest with children and they decided it was a good idea.

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  5. Just googled, the “Letters to Santa” Post Office program has been in place since 1911!!!!! The Postmaster General ordered that all letters addressed to Santa Claus be distributed to deserving local charities to fulfill the request.

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  6. Well, I still love it! And I still think that is one of the most accurate depictions of Santa EVER!!!! He’s a nice old man who is super interested in children.


      • My family is going to see the National Opera’s production of ‘The Nutcracker and the Mouse King’ on Monday, which is why I am going rather early. It is based on the same production they have in the Netherlands, except localized for Finnish audiences with a Santa Clause and a Yule Goat (in the most Pagan sense of the word) instead of Sinterklaas and Black Peter. It is a lovely production!

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  7. 7 year old and I ignored you guys for a bit to watch the movie! Loved the neighbor in the final scene, made up for all his earlier uncomfortableness. And the last kiss was good. Thank you for the watch-a-long Margaret!


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