Christmas GiveAway Post-Christmas: Congratulations Popka!!! You Finally Did It!!!

Oooo, a tricky one! It is a whole week without a watchalong, making this anyone’s game! Well, except that I did a Shashi 70s fashion post to help out Popka a bit.

First, the lovely LOVELY card I am sending to Angie and which she will get sometime next year with the way international mail works:

Now, Popka! I already have your address, assuming you have moved in the past year. And I will make something FABULOUS, and send it to you through slooooooooooooooow international mail.

(also, did you watch Single All the Way? And if so, why have you not commented on that post?)


12 thoughts on “Christmas GiveAway Post-Christmas: Congratulations Popka!!! You Finally Did It!!!

  1. Beautiful, beautiful Maddie! Anyone seen Uncoupling? I haven’t yet but I hear he’s a louse in it and don’t really want him that way. Watched Marakkar, Mohanlal’s latest. Pretty interesting as I like historicals. But what the heck was Sunil Shetty doing in it? He looked bored and tired and had almost no lines. Atrangi Re is on the docket for tonight. Read mixed reviews but for me, anything with Dhanush can’t go wrong.

    I enjoyed reading about all the DCIB Christmas traditions and rituals. Mine was sorta subdued this year with most of the family either sick (flu, not covid) or traveling. But I hosted a bash for my vaxxed and boosted writers group on the 23rd. We exchanged presents, read our entries for our annual Christma flash fiction contest (I didn’t win) and ate like fools.


  2. Yaaaay! In a heavily weighted competition by making like 3 comments. I very much deserve it and am looking forward to it. My address is the same.

    I am currently struggling through the last 15 mintues of Single All The Way, will comment when done.


  3. Coming back to say I really didn’t like Single All the Way, mainly because I thought the main character was the woooooooooorst. Also didn’t really like his family (except obviously Aunt Sandy). I wanted Nick AND James to save themselves, but sadly, poor Nick was doomed from the start.

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    • No one likes Peter! I’ve watched it with multiple people now, no one likes him. Strong vote for Nick and James to get together instead, they both deserve better.

      How dare you not like Kathy Najimy!!!!

      On Sun, Dec 26, 2021 at 2:39 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



        • It’s making me question everything!!! We got a real cut-your-own tree this year, and the experience of cutting it down and then having hot chocolate after was super fun. But the tree, as a tree, maybe would bring me more joy if it were bright pink? Maybe every year I cut down a very small tree and have a very large pink tree as my real one?

          On Mon, Dec 27, 2021 at 3:00 AM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



          • I think two different trees is a very good idea, personally.

            I always have a real one but if I could find a really cool atomic looking pink fake one, I would absolutely get that instead. But I can only find bad fake ones here.


      • No, I can’t stand people who get into other people’s private business like that. Maybe Peter is having a great time being single and boning everyone on Grindr, you don’t get to decide what he needs to be happy!


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