Friday WatchAlong: Tamasha Hate Watch! If You Are Liking It, You Are WRONG!! 3pm Chicago Time Start

Happy Friday! I am going to try to convince all of you to hate this movie along with me. Because it is the WORST.

Tamasha! It’s on Netflix, it’s easy to find and easy to watch, and I HATE it. And I am worried, because I think everyone else watching may be neutral? Oh well, hate is contagious, I will convince you.

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At 3pm Chicago time, I will put up an “and PLAY” comment and then we will all go along from there!


303 thoughts on “Friday WatchAlong: Tamasha Hate Watch! If You Are Liking It, You Are WRONG!! 3pm Chicago Time Start

  1. Ranbir has played so many Sensitive Artists Who Buck the Family, but in real life HE’S IN THE FAMILY BUSINESS!!!! He did nothing risky, nothing on his own

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    • I can’t wait for all those who insult Nepotism kids to realise he is the most privileged of them all and deserves none of the praise. Fingers crossed it happens sometime in the future.


  2. So, Heer is like a metaphor for Ranbir’s artistic passion and vision? That’s nice, but Deepika was also a REAL PERSON. Maybe we are worried about her a little bit? Maybe the director should have told us ANYTHING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO HER?


  3. I hate performers who do little private things from the stage. I bought a ticket! This is supposed to be about me, the audience! Work out your private stuff on your own time! Or at least, don’t keep it secret, you know? Like I’m just there to watch your personal life. Make a public speech, explain what is happening. UGH


  4. WE DID IT!!! We finished the whoooooooooooooole thing!!!! And now I get to walk my dog in 0 degree weather and it will be so much less painful.


  5. To cleanse, a song from Gully Boy in which Ranveer conveys everything without dialogue, and his character works hard stealing cars while writing and practicing his own raps.

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  6. Gosh, what a stinker. Best bit was your backyard update, shelomit! Thanks for the watch-along though, a grest start to any weekend xx


    • LOL, I live to please : D Three-year-old is now running across the upstairs apartment from one end to the other, apparently having been invigorated by his brief venture into the Wide Winter World.


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