Hrithik Birthday Post: Which of These Instagrams is Most Delightful?

Oh Hrithik! A man made for instagram. Very pretty in photos, and very superficial in content ideas.

Of his recent instagrams, do you get the most joy from:

The choose to do a super sexy almost naked video in order to announce a new pricing level for Netflix. IN

His new puppy

Or his ode to Beard Oil


4 thoughts on “Hrithik Birthday Post: Which of These Instagrams is Most Delightful?

  1. Well the bottom of his beard in the beard oil looks scragly and weird, must be a great oil! Or was it wax? How many people with actual beards do you think saw that post? I imagine most of his fans are women, but then maybe they’ll buy the oil/wax for their boyfriends.

    But the pricing sexy shower shot is the best, I imagine him watching movies in the bath.


    • Ooo, I like your explanation! He gets out of the shower and goes “ah, that was a great show! And look, a Netflix alert that their pricing structure is changing!”

      On Mon, Jan 10, 2022 at 6:57 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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