Shahrukh Spring VILLAIN Brackets! Round 1!!!

When I was going through his filmography, I realized there are a fair number of SRK VILLAIN characters too!!!! And we should rank them as well. Use whatever you want to judge them, best people, worst people, most entertaining, best acted, whatever.

Bracket 1



Bracket 2

Don-Don 1


Bracket 3



Bracket 4

Don-Don 2


Bracket 5

Ram Jaane-Ram Jaane



18 thoughts on “Shahrukh Spring VILLAIN Brackets! Round 1!!!

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  2. Okay I’m doing this based on the which villain is the most interesting/well acted.
    1. Rahul-Darr
    2. OMG this is HARD. He is tops in Don but the actual character in Baazigaar is so interesting, the good guy doing evil. So hard! And I notice Bazigaar has the Love Love Love Daddy, who is also a Daddy in this movie, and who gets props as that final kill eachother scene in Bazigaar is just SO GOOD. TOO HARD! I’m gonna have to sleep on it.
    3. Bauaa-Zero – hate him all you want, but Bauaa is interesting, and very well acted.
    4. Gaurav-Fan – I mean I love Don 2, but that is almost a simple role for him, but Gaurav – nothing simple about Gaurav
    5. Ram Jaane-Ram Jaane – he turned himself into a living cartoon, really a fantastic character.


    • I give you TWO Dons and you don’t vote for either of them!!!!!! I will wait on tenterhooks to see where you land with Baazigar/Don 1

      On Wed, Feb 23, 2022 at 10:56 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



      • I’m going Bazigaar. The threat of the good guy, the guy you love, being the one who MURDERED your sister. Gosh. It is just so good. I mean, as a movie Don is more fun to watch, but as a character – I like the evil good guy.


        • And once again, Don loses! I was predicting a don versus don finale, but looks like NOPE.

          On Thu, Feb 24, 2022 at 4:55 PM dontcallitbollywood wrote:



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  4. Why oh why did you pit Don 1 and Baazigar against each other…
    There are villains and there are characters with shades of grey… I like ALL the characters put in the brackets…I will choose the villains who don’t want to or can’t get out of the spiral of violence:
    1) Manu – I adore the character Rahul but he acts out of love and delusion (Manu is a villain to the core)
    2) Don (the most stylish villain I’ve ever seen in a Hindi movie…aaaand he gets away with his deeds (ha!), a bit like a cartoon character coming alive – Ajay is also a villain because he shows no qualms to kill but – similar to Vijay in Darr – he has a motivation one can comprehend.
    3) Vijay – Bauaa isn’t a villain, in no way…I adore this character
    4) Don again – although I find Gaurav becoming more & more violent and villainous, the character as such isn’t that of a villain, but although he does
    5) Ram Jaane – again I have to write that I adore the other choice (Raees), too, yet although he is a smuggler (like a profession) and also kills, he doesn’t enjoy violence and hasn’t the character of a villain. I pity Ram Jaane but he stuck to his role as a villain out of self-delusion.


  5. This is tough because it’s a mix of anti-heroes and outright villains! I am not consistent in my logic when choosing these, but here goes –
    1. Rahul
    2. Ajay/Vicky
    3. Vijay
    4. Don
    5. Raees


  6. 1. Manu – I love Duplicate, and he’s just soooo delightfully OTT.
    2. Don – unfortunately I barely remember Baazigar. Time to watch it again I guess!
    3. Vijay
    4. Don again!
    5. Raees – I never really felt like Ram Jaane was a bad guy, probably because we saw him as a cute kid.


  7. 1. Rahul – so many Rahuls and I vote for them all
    2. Don – king
    3. Vijay – I’ll change my vote if you can convince me Bauua has a villain arc
    4. Gaurav – this was tough but one Don is enough and Gaurav ends up so creepy – talk about arc…
    5. Raees – I love Raees as a character, feel like he shows how rich and complex SRK could make a villain once he grew into his acting powers


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